T Minus 6

My house is in chaos. Boxes are everywhere. I took some pictures so you could see evidence of this chaos, but my camera cord appears to be in one of those boxes. Or somewhere. Maybe.

I sold a bunch of things, but still have a lot left. I sold my bed, Ektorp chair, my lamps, my amsterdam dishes, a set of silverware, and a few DVDs. I’d still like to sell my couch and rug, but I won’t sell them for less than I think they’re really worth. They can fit on the U-Haul on Sunday if necessary. A few things I thought I would sell, my bookcase and some artwork, I decided to keep afterall.

When a cute couple bought my comfy chair this weekend, the first of my big items to sell, I wanted to cry. That’s my chair! I earned that chair! I’ve loved that chair. It’s stupid, I know. This is all a very big deal to me, and for the moment there feels like more loss than gain. Though I know that tide will turn when the move is over and the reasons I am moving are more present than future.

This is a week of goodbyes, with plans with various friends and family each night. That reminds me, I should store some tissues in my purse. I have a feeling I will need them.

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