Interravision: Now Live from Long Island!

I am here!

The move was stressful. U-Haul was a joke…they should call it U-Don’t-Mean-Shit-To-Us-Even-Though-You-Are-Paying-A-Fortune-

Yes, they should call it that. I will spare the details though. They are neither interesting nor funny.

I am here!

We rolled into Long Island well after 1am last night and had to take a complex maze of streets to get home since you can’t drive trucks on the parkways. We left all the boxes in the truck and just went right to sleep, both of us exhaused. Damir from loading the entire truck himself, me from the nightmarish drive through flooded CT.

I am unemployed and living in Long Island with my boyfriend of 5 months and his immigrant parents who don’t speak english.

This is going to be Very Interesting.

The parents were asleep when we got home, but both greeted me warmly in the morning. D’s dad, Suco, told me (via D’s interpreting) that I can use his car whenever I like. This is a big deal since he doesn’t let ANYONE drive his car. It is his way of accepting me into the household.

When D isn’t around, conversations with the parents are an interesting combination of broken english, broken croatian and erratic gestures. Somehow it works, sure, it’s awkward, but it works well enough. As long as you aren’t asking anything more complicated than “are you hungry?” and “where is the sugar?” We won’t be breaking out in political debate any time soon.

I have contacted the local Berlitz office to get information on a crash course in croatian. That would be very helpful, I think. I just am not getting far with my books and CDs that I bought from Barnes and Noble a few weeks ago. The problem there is that I hate the voice of one of the instructors. She is so hard to understand and doesn’t ennunciate at all. I get so annoyed I can’t focus on learning the vocab. Ash suggested getting a tutor on craigslist, I might do that as well.

I am proud just to get all the names down in the family… Suco (pronounced SU-cho), Sabrija (saBRIEya), Hitta, Sedika, Zorz (Gorge), Miro, Ennis, Sayo, Mecha, Villa, Selma, and Aunt Peggy (PEG-gie) to name a few. Oh, and Elvis. Can’t forget Elvis!

Well, there is a truck waiting to be unloaded with my name on it. Since I have no job at the moment and a brand new subscription to T-Mobile’s hotspot wireless, you will see lots more posts here at Interravision: Live from Long Island!

One thought on “Interravision: Now Live from Long Island!

  1. Unemployed and moving in with your boyfriend who lives with his paerents….and don’t speak English…this sounds like the beginning of a (bad) novel.Are you sure you’re not making this up?

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