…And how would you do??

I had to take a 150 question psychological exam yesterday as my final stage of interviews for this position I am up for. A bunch of the questions were like this:

Choose which represents you most and least:

– I think rules and regulations should be followed regardless of consequences
– People are trustworthy
– Money should only be spent if it increases your power or position
– Good leaders should consider the feelings of all the staff before proceeding

Yeah. There were about 100 of these kinds of questions.

Then there was a logic section. I am going to put it out there…. I only ever failed ONE class in my life and it was LOGIC. Sure, I retook the class and got a B+ leading me to believe:

All students fail the class if the teacher is supremely bad.
The teacher of my logic class in college was supremely bad.
I failed the class.

OK, all students didn’t fail… but a bunch did. I hated that class. Which is so funny because I consider myself a pretty analytical person. But I hate these kinds of questions and love them all at the same time. Weird, no?

Anyway, I am getting off track. Yesterday I had to answer 50 analytical questions like these.

Select the choice that best completes the relationship:

1) 23: 3,983 as 32: ?

a. 3,839
b. 3,994
c. 4,874
d. 9,599

2) C A R R ?

a. S
b. X
c. I
d. Y

3) 60 30 20 15 12 ?

a. 13
b. 6
c. 10
d. 4


a. P
b. O
c. D
d. I

5) Which sequence doesn’t belong?


6) EHLQ?

a. W
b. V
c. Y
d. Z

So now I am just waiting for a call to find out if I am smart enough and emotionally stable enough to be offered the grey office job. Wish me luck. I think.

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