Mr. Mr.

OK, so news:


A real job. Not walking dogs. Not doing makeovers for Mary Kay (a brief consideration). I am the new Corporate Trainer for a company in Manhattan, Times Square to be exact. I am replacing a woman who is having a baby. I did some training with her last week and start full time next week. With any job, there is good, bad, and ugly…

The Good:
My working hours are 9-5, an hour for lunch and from what they tell me, no required overtime or weekends. Ole`! Its amazing to me how much unpaid overtime I put in to my last job. I knew it was part of the deal, and didn’t complain, but an a huge plus is knowing that with this job I will be heading home at 5pm every day.

I won’t be managing staff in this job. I like managing staff, and in the past have had employees both love and hate me. It’s such a rollercoaster, I am glad not to worry about it for a while.

Times Square Baby! I love the buzz.

I think that corporate training is a good career move for me, and something I might truly love. Getting my feet wet in this arena could lead to some great things down the line.

The Bad:
Well, the office itself is a dim, dark, grey place. I already mentioned this. No windows. No pretty offices. Cubicles. It is so dreary.

The commute. It could be worse, for sure, but still. To get to Times Square, I walk 3 blocks to the train station, take a 35 minute express train to Penn Station, and walk about 8 blocks (or take one subway stop) to Times Sq. I guess it’s about an hour door to door. It isn’t horrible, the train is peaceful and fast and you can always get a seat. Oh, but a 1 month pass costs like $200. Ouch.

The Ugly:
Man… the benefits are SOO bad. So. So. So. bad. No 401(k). No vacation the first year (although they said they would turn a blind eye for a few days). Restricted sick days. No tuition reimbursement, no donation matching. Oh, and they only pay about 1/3 of my insurance. Thats another couple of hundred out of my pocket each month. Oy.

The Weird:
OK, I can’t get over this, really! I call my boss by his last name. Mister Herman (not his real name). Everyone calls him this. Yes, he is the founder and CEO of the firm, but still it kills me. I can’t remember the last time I called someone I had a close working relationship with “Mister” or “Mrs”. I want to laugh each time I say it, or hear someone else say it. “Good Morning Mr. Herman” “Oh, Mr. Herman will work with you on that project” (inside I say tee-heee-heee!)

It’s a paycheck. I can always quit if I don’t like it!

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