Float On

I have now come to the realization again that I don’t have a job again. It is hard to get passed that and jump head first into the job pool again. Nothing looks remotely interesting. However, I am still excited about finding the website Indeed.com. This site rocks! Just plug in some keywords and your zipcode and this site does a full search for you: newspapers, job boards (like Monster, Hotjobs and Career Builder, and even Craigslist. They also search smaller, lesser known sites. It makes the job search so much easier. Great idea!

My brain is bored. And when bored, I eat. I had abandoned Weightwatchers while navigating this adjustment, and definitely can tell that I have gained back most of what I lost. It is with a lot of shame I admit that here, but it is the truth. It’s too easy to snack all day long when you aren’t working. And now having a car, I am doing much less random physical activity. I have another 100 or so excuses as to why I have gained back the weight, but I won’t bore you (or me for fear of repurcussions mentioned above) with additional details.

BUT I have found a place nearby where I can get back on the wagon. I am going this afternoon. I am terrified of meeting the scale and finding out how much my downslide really has cost me. But yes! I will face the enemy!

But you know what? I am still giddy with happiness, despite my waistline and unemployment. I feel better than I have in ages. I am even starting to like daytime TV!

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