Singapore Sling

I got my first interview in a while, thank god because watching my bank account slowly dwindling is definitely stressing me out. I have an interview next week with the Singapore Tourist Board in Manhattan. It isn’t a job offer yet, but getting a call back from one of the 200+ resumes I have sent out is certainly encouraging.

I’ve never been to Singapore, though I have sailed past it. Do you think that will count against me? I hear good things about it from a former co-worker who now lives there and Matthijs who just stopped there on his way home from visiting his sister in Australia. I once went to a presentation by Singapore Airlines while in my former job. It seems like an interesting place.

Also, I have acquired two head hunters this week. One thanks to dear Ashbloem, another I found is specialized in tourism employment. The more I think about it, the more I really feel like I want to stay connected to the travel/tourism industry. I have been checking out every tourist board in NYC looking for jobs this week.

Earlier this week I was watching a little of the Travel Channel and I started to get the itch. Man, I really want to be somewhere, anywhere, new with a guidebook in one hand and a camera in the other exploring quiet foreign corners with Damir. Well, who knows, maybe we’ll find ourselves on a flight to Singapore in the near future. Cross fingers (and toes) that the right thing comes along soon.

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