Guess what….

I am blogging from BEVERLY HILLS (chicago)!

Oh yes, it’s a balmy 50 degrees outside, where is my bikini?? Any moment a waiter will be by with my martini and fresh mango. I am sure Lindsay Loh will be around any minute baring her crotch. Oh, poor Lindsay.

Seriously, I am hanging with my mom and grandma in Chicago for the holiday. I was able to get a decent flight deal at the last moment and flew out yesterday. We’re about half an hour or so out of downtown in the outskirts of the city limits. It seems like most of the buildings around were contructed in the 50s or so, although it looks like tons of old places have been recently knocked down to make more room for the superstores. Funny that a lot of the old buildings still standing have these marquis on them, or is it marquees, I don’t know, I was never a good speller, but that is a whole different story. Anyway.

The marquees, for the most part haven’t changed since 1978 by the looks of them. A dry cleaner we passed earlier promoted in big black block letters:

I know, a picture would have been better, but I didn’t have my camera with me at the time. Moving on…

My gram is the cutest thing ever. Check her out here in the 50s:

She’s nearly 89 now, and doesn’t get around so well anymore, but she tells the best stories about our family in Chicago, especially during the 30s and 40s. I spent a large part of the day trying to replicate copies of her old pictures with my digital camera. Hopefully some will turn out well, like the one of my Gram wearing a hula grass skirt. Or my grandfather playing cards with the boys. Or the entire family standing in front of a huge black locomotive engine in 1935 or so. I will definitely be sharing later on, so stay tuned.

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