Looking Back

I found this picture at my grandmothers last week and have just fallen in love with it. The little boy all the way to the right (next to the Mamma) is my grandfather, August “Gus” Arado. His cheeky little smile kills me! We aren’t sure about the occasion for which this picture was taken, but likely either a 4th of July or maybe even after my Great-grandfather, who had immigrated from Genoa to Chicago, was inducted as an American Citizen. It must have been taken sometime in the early 1920s.

Permit me to get a little sappy for a moment. I found it appropriate to stumble upon this picture during the Thanksgiving holiday, as it truly made me pause and give thanks to the proceeding generations who made great sacrifices that have enabled me live such a cushy life.

Other favorites from my photo safari include:

My Grandmother around 1920

My grandmother (bottom left) with her sister and parents. Check out the car behind them!

My grandmother and her sister are again in this picture, I don’t know who the other kids are. I wouldn’t want to mess with the two blondies in the upper left, but I dig the bows in their hair.

My grandfather is on the far left with his brother and sisters. I think he sort of looks like Harry Potter. Must be the glasses and floppy bangs.

My Grandfather playing cards with the boys. Must be around the 1950s.
My Gram doing a hula-hula dance
Oh yeaaaahhh, the 1970s (must be around ’78 or so). I dig my parents matching plaid and my aunt and uncle’s matching glasses. My Gram is the most fashionable of the bunch!

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