Xmas Review

We are back in LI after our sojourn down South to shrimp country, Beaufort, South Carolina. There was good times, good food, and generally not-so-good weather. But despite the occasional torrential rain, our Christmas spirit could not be dampened (man, I love me a good cliche!). The story in pictures…

See more pics on my flickr account!

2 thoughts on “Xmas Review

  1. Terra! It really has been a long time here in bloglandia – I didn’t even know you weren’t in Boston anymore! I have a lot of reading to do to catch up – but in the meantime, a few thoughts…..I spent quite a bit of time in Beaufort SC a while ag in a different life – gorgeous area, depressingly segregated. Awesome awesome food.I was in Chicago recently too, visiting my best friend right before the holidays. weird small world. also WB’s mother doesn’t speak english. i’m learning (ahem ahem) spanish, but its always a terrifying prospect to try and talk on the phone.happy new year to you too! have a wonderful one!

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