Back to School Season!

It feels like those last lazy days of August, when, as a kid, I would be reluctantly getting ready to go back to school. I am excited to get back into challenging my brain everyday, but I want to take advantage of these last days of freedom. And by “take advantage”, I don’t mean spend an hour waiting in the 6×10 foot waiting room at the Social Security office as I did yesterday. I lost my soc card and you have to have one in order to get a NY State licesnse… I guess my current MA license, passport and original birth certificate aren’t enough to prove who I am.

TO-DO items on my checklist:

– Hair cut
– New shoes
– New Notebook, calendar, no. 2 pencils (ha ha, kidding on that last one)
– Drivers License
– grocery shop to prepack lunches for next week
– update makeup, hair products
– Trapper Keeper
– Lunch box and what my brain wants to call a thermostat, but isn’t a thermostat at all! What is the name of that cannister like thing that keep beverages and soups hot? Damn. My brain really does need the work out.

See, just like the days at Winston Churchill H.S.!

Speaking of WCHS, I learned recently that my high school math teacher killed himself. I am gutted! He was a little out of the ordinary, but I really liked him, despite my intense hatred for all things mathmatical. He slicked his hair back and smelled like cigarettes, but he had a good sense of humor and seemed to “get” us crazy kids. It makes me sad to know that he was that unhappy.

Well, off to Supercuts. See, not only do I need the brain work, but I need the pay check as well. Lets hope I don’t totally screw things up when I attempt to highlight my own hair later today.

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