There have been many blog posts on the tip of my tongue, but it seems as though I have neither time nor energy to sit and make coherent and reader friendly prose. I can’t blog from work, and life at home rarely gives me the quiet time and space I need to organize my thoughts.

I’ve wanted to tell you how four times this week when getting into my car for a quick lunch break from my new job, the song “So You Had A Bad Day” (I think that’s the title) by James Blunt (I think that’s the singer) was on the radio when I started the car. Then he was a Jeopardy question last night. Weird.

I’ve wanted to tell you my reflections on living in a household where I don’t speak the predominant language and the etiquette rules I have learned about being in the middle of a conversation I cannot participate in. It’s a bit of an art to look neither completely disinterested nor overly eager. I can’t say I do this successfully, but everyday I try.

I’ve wanted to tell you about the multiple day trips we’ve made out East to some beautiful parts of Long Island. I never knew that there was such beauty here, and I am constantly surprised by the quiet coastline and quaint towns.

I’ve wanted to tell you about my job and the trials of being the “new girl” again. It has been a long time since I was the NG, the last time I was 23 and fresh to the corporate world. Now I am a decade older and expected to make big decisions about the future of the company while still figuring out if the milk in the fridge is community milk or private milk.

For now, I just leave you with these snippets. I’d like to tell you I will be better and blog more, but I can’t say for certain it’s a promise I can keep.