Aince awa, aye awa

Monday kicks off a month of comings and goings. First I am off to Scotland where I will be visiting vendors in Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Glasgow. After a week at home for recovery I am off to Ireland for tradeshows in Dublin and Belfast. Then the weekend following my return I am off again to Vermont to help my sister and Mom with some wedding planning. Whew! Then about two weeks later a long weekend in Pennsylvania for Penny’s wedding… and then…sleep.

All of this is compounded by this exciting news: after 3 months in my job I have been promoted. As of yesterday it was announced that I am the new president of my company and the owner is scaling back and starting the process of transitioning his responsibilities over to me. I am both excited and a little nervous about this amazing opportunity, as you can imagine. I don’t feel quite ready yet to take on this level of responsibilty, but suppose I have to follow my Mom’s recent advice, “Well, you better get yourself ready, Girl!”.

I don’t expect to blog much from the road, but will definitely post when I can. Hopefully will get some great pictures in between meetings.

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