Ireland Bound

Tomorrow I am shooting back across the pond to Ireland, where I will be spending the next week. I am 2 nights in Dublin, 1 in Newcastle and 2 in Belfast. I am looking forward to the highlight of my trip, a 2 day journey through Northern Ireland where I will be visiting one of the places high on my places-to-see list, the Giant’s Causeway.

This strange natural phenomenon consists of about 400,000 interlocking hexagon shaped basalt stone columns that lead straight into the sea. Legend states that once upon a time a giant, Finn McCool (don’t you love that name?), built the causeway to serve as a bridge to Scotland so he could fight his nemisis. The Scottish side of the causeway on the island of Staffa also has similar shaped stone columns.

In preparation of this great trip as well as other fun events coming up this summer, I splurged on a new camera today. I am super excited about my Canon S3 IS! Keep an eye out for new photos coming soon!

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