Another Step in My Transformation to a New Yorker

It’s nearly complete, my transition to being a New Yorker. Today I stood in a very long line and surrendered my Massachusetts drivers license for a NY license. It actually made me a little sad, not that I feel any sense of regret (other than missing my friends, naturally). Plus I have done more driving since moving to NY than I did in the 4 years in Boston so really it only makes sense since my license now serves a purpose for something other than getting carded.

My next step is to put NY license plates on the pick-up truck. It should come as no surprise that I would love to put one of the following Red Sox tributes on my customized plates:


See, I will never truly be a New Yorker. But, as Damir wisely put, it might not be a good idea to risk having the truck keyed, bashed, hit, 0r rear ended just because I am an avid baseball fan. Of course the fact that he is a Yankees fan who often rides along with me in the truck had nothing to do with that advice.

Speaking of which, I am still quietly trying to convert Damir’s silly Yankees loyalty, but it isn’t easy when catching a Sox game on TV is so rare. To love the Sox is to know the Sox, or is it vice versa? Anyway. So the next step in my evil plan is to take him to Fenway next weekend to see the Sox play San Francisco. I will ply him with beer and Fenway Franks and make him forget A-Rod and Jeter’s overpaid, over-glamorized celebrity . I also just scored tickets to see the Sox play the Orioles at Camden Yard later this summer, where not only do we have the Sox playing, but also one of my favorite former sox players, Kevin Millar, is the O’s designated hitter. I am sure my plan will work, just give me time. MWAAHHHAAAA HAHHHAAAA HHAAAA!

PS– this is old news, but I love love love the Fenway Faithful and their sense of humor. This picture of A-Rod in Boston with the “Blondies” behind him kills me! For those of you out of the loop, he had recently been seen in several cities strip-club hopping with “longtime stripper and Playboy Bunny-wannabe” Joslyn Noel Morse (a blonde). This wouldn’t be so bad, or even surprising given today’s code of conduct for A-list athletes, if he weren’t actually married. Also not surprising is the fact that his wife is now accompanying him on away-game trips.

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