There is nothing I can appreciate more than a leap of faith. That is just what my good friend Steph has done– and in quite extreme measure.

After meeting a very nice boy on a Greek cruise ship last year, she quit her job, left her apartment of nearly 10 years, said so long to close friends and family and moved to Sydney, Australia to be with her love. Yes, the same Sydney that is half-way around the world. Man, I thought my own move from Boston to New York was a big move.

Steph holds a very dear place in my heart. She’s a ray of sunshine…on crack. She carries more energy, more “can do” and more purses than any one else I know. We first became friends back in college and have managed to keep the embers of our friendship burning even though it is only in the last year that we have lived close to one another.

It was Steph that I was visiting when I met Damir here in Long Island. In fact, it is because of Steph that I even met him in the first place. I never would have had the courage to talk to him and his cousin, but my girl Steph is not one to be labled “shy”. She struck up the first conversation, and I have carried it on ever since.

Though she has only been gone a short while, her absence is palpable. Even living around the corner we didn’t see each other as much as we probably should, but I liked just knowing she was there. It was comforting to know a good friend, and one that knows me to the core, was just a few blocks away. Long Island still feels like foreign territory to me, and I am ashamed to admit that I have made not one new friend outside of work that lives in the area. It’s easy to get lazy like that.

I hope she is there now in Sydney basking in the glow of the Australian winter sun and the excitement of a new home, country, and boyfriend. At least I now have a good excuse to start planning a journey to the South Pacific! Here are a few photos from our nearly 15 year long friendship (click on it to see larger):

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