Sleepy Revolution

I like a good mattress as much as the next person. And maybe it’s because our matress is rather sucky that I noticed this strange phenomenon lately. It’s really, dare I say, epidemic.

Within a 2-mile radius from my apartment I have counted EIGHT Sleepy’s mattress stores. I can’t think of any other chain that has 8 outlets in this same area. Not, Not McDonalds, and not even Starbucks, if you can believe that. It begs the question: what is going on here?

Are people just not sleeping? Probably, yes. I know I am not. But I would also venture to guess that mattresses have a high profit margin as well. I mean, two of the eight Sleepys by my house have “Grand Opening” on them, and they are less than half a mile from each other. How can they both be profitable? I know all about the economic theory that a rising tide lifts all boats and all, but this seems to be somewhat out of control. Are expensive mattresses just a big scam?

What is all this hoo-ha about temperpedic (sp?), sleep number and isotonic-foam? Do you really sleep better if you drop a grand on a bed?

Man, I have SO MANY questions about this.

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