Open Letter: To All Mannequin Manufacturers

Dear Mannequin Manufacturer:


I can understand adding the nipples to those lifeless bodies that showcase the fashion of the day behind large plate-glass windows. Nipples are cute, perky, and add some sexiness to the inanimate form. It makes the passer-by perhaps stop in front of the window and say, “hey! look at those boobies! Oh, and what a cute sweater, maybe I shall buy it and my boobies will look so pert!” I am sure that happens all the time. Plus, no one wants to have a mono-boob and the addition of the nips does indeed prevent this embarrassment.

But, I have to say that adding a well defined RIB CAGE on recent mannequins is not a wise choice on your behalf. In fact, I daresay that now you have gone too far. Visible ribs are totally gross, unsexy and unnecessary. Sure, maybe I wish that my rib cage were a little less “hidden” beneath my internal layers of…um… “insulation“. But this rant is not coming from a point of jealousy. Really, I mean it. It comes from a point of caring. Maybe, instead of parading a troupe of emaciated waifs on your pedestal, you could try experimenting with a variety of body shapes. *Sigh. I know that will never happen in today’s “anorexia gloriosa” culture. But know this: instead of looking at said mannequin and thinking, “Oh, cute! I want that!” I think “Man, get that girl a sandwich STAT.” And I keep on walking. Thankfully, I know that the mannequin will not follow me.
Happy New Year.
P.S.: Loved Kim Cattral in that movie you made. You should make more who look like her. For real.
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I have never worked before for a company whose busy season falls around the holidays, so my 10 years in the workforce have been blessed with nice long Christmas breaks, sometimes lasting as long as 2 blissful weeks. Sadly, this is no longer the case. November through New Year’s Day is peak season here in NYC and the city is packed with tourists needing the services my company provides. Oh, and I don’t technically get any vacation days in my first 12-months in this job.

I am fortunate this year to be able to take off Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas, giving me 5 consecutive days off. I know this is more than a lot of people out there, but still it feels short– especially since I wasn’t able to take any time over Thanksgiving to see my family. I have been working at full speed these last several weeks, so I am practically foaming at the mouth to have a few days to relax.

We’ll be heading to Connecticut where the folks have rented a house for a week. I am ever so grateful not to have to fly anywhere this Christmas, so that should make the time that I do have away from my desk all the more enjoyable.

Speaking of things that are enjoyable, I made the most awesome Christmas cookies this past Sunday, and had some fun testing the macro focus function on my camera: