I send out big hugs and kisses of celebration to my two favorite newly engaged friends…

The first happy couple is Stephanie and Anthony, who have had the most incredible courtship ever… starting on a Greek Cruise, and spanning at least three continents, Europe, Australia and the US. Her leap of faith to be with this warm hearted man has already been well documented on Interravision: here. Though I just recently learned of their Christmas Eve engagement, I am already getting excited for their wedding… I know it will be a blast, the question is: in which country will it take place? Auguri!

And also I am thrilled to send out big felicidades to David J. and Nancy. At the very least, I am happy that this will put an end to my friend David’s frequent complaining about the lack of good women out there. And by “good” he means one who will climb mountains, don cramp-ons (whatever those are), scuba in crazy places, and follow him (or better: lead him) on one crazy expedition after another (word is they are heading on a 6000 mile journey by train across the Gobi Desert). I’ve only met Nancy briefly, but I know for certain they are a match made for each other.

Horray for love!

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