Just when you thought TV couldn’t get worse…

While waiting for my favorite show, Project Runway, to begin I got caught up in this new show (on FOX of course) called The Moment of Truth. Which they say like THE! MOMENT! OF! TRUTH!

This is America’s weirdness at it’s best….err, I mean worst.

Here’s the deal. The “contestant” had to answer 21 increasingly embarrassing and revealing questions which are compared to an earlier polygraph test. If the contestant tells the truth, they get closer and closer to winning $500,000.

The questions aren’t like, “Do you pick your nose when no one is looking?” But rather, here are some of the sample questions, which people WILLINGLY answer on national TV.

– Do you really love your wife/girlfriend?
– Did you help a friend to illeaglly smuggle something into this country?
– Do you see yourself being married to your wife in 5 years?
– Is the reason you haven’t had children yet because you are not sure your wife will be a good mother?
– Did you ever stuff your pants to look more endowed?
– Have you stolen money from a job and let someone else take the blame?

And more often than not, the answer is not pretty… and a support team of 3 (usually spouse, boss, friend) sit near by on the support team bench waiting anxiously for each answer. Before the contestant quits, one or all are seen crying from the sidelines.

But I don’t get this one part: since the contestants ALREADY took the lie detector test prior to the show, they KNOW what questions will be asked of them on the show. Why do they look so surprised when the tough ones come up?

The “good” news is that this show isn’t only America’s shame, but it is produced in 23 other countries, including Columbia, where the show was created. However, they have had to cancel the Columbian edition due to the embarrassing tidbit one contestant admitted to: hiring a hit man to kill her husband. Owning up to that little secret won her $25,000.

So, sure, you can win some cash. But at what cost? Certainly afterwards you will lose your friends, spouse and job. And possibly in the case of the guy who admitted to smuggling… maybe some jail time will accompany his $100,000 purse.

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