I don’t like it when people ride down the escalator. I prefer they walk. If they want to just ride, then they should stand to the side. Thanks. You don’t have to walk the way up hill, I can understand that.

I don’t understand the hype about the TV Show The Hills. I have no idea what its about or why everyone talks about it. And honestly, I can’t say I am really bothered by that.

Businessmen seem to think they own the place. And by “the place” I mean they think they own all of the following things:
– the arm rest between his seat and mine
– the empty seat next to him on the train on which to rest his Tumi laptop-case even though the train is SRO.
– the prime corner in my office elevator in front of the little computer screen that broadcasts the news, weather, and interesting tidbits of information
– the coffee line in the deli downstairs
– just about everywhere else in New York City.

I am excited for an all-girls weekend in Boston this weekend for Ashbloem.

How is the name “Jack” a nickname for the name “John”? That makes no sense.

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