Back on the W.

Oh Lordy. Watch out!

I decided to go back on the Weight Watchers. Ugh. Boring! Today I went to my first meeting and I couldn’t help but think that SNL should do a skit on this place. A group of mostly older women (its a Monday, so the attendees are mostly retirees) in their velour track suits and big hair dying to talk about Their Story… how they were once skinny….then had kids and got fat… then lost the weight…and now in their older years they’ve gained it all back again, punctuated by the odd hip replacement story or two.

But, it’s all good. I applaud their effort, and in relation, mine as well. I have already apologized in advance to poor Damir to whom I am surely going to be a complete bitch once the hunger pangs and french-fry withdrawal take control of all my rational thought.

Speaking of poor Damir, he has some kind of tooth trauma going on that has one side of his face swollen nearly to the point of shutting an eye. I am home from work and about to take him to the oral surgeon, he definitely can’t drive himself. That means we can kiss another couple of grand away, as certainly there is a root canal in his near future (his second in 4 months). Thanks healthcare for covering all the bases!

BUT GOOD NEWS: we finally bought a new mattress! It was a struggle, holy hell in a handbasket. We trolled all the usual places before finding an area in Long Island City where there are 3 or 4 mattress warehouses all in a row. They are pretty competitive with each other, so negotiating was like cutting butter with a hot knife. We ended up with a Serta Mattress by Vera Wang (yes, the wedding dress designer), Sweet Slumber, Sweet Comfort version (long enough name for ya?) for about $500… normal retail price is $3870. It was on clearance so we get no return policy or warranty so we damn well better like it. It’s a latex mattress, and oh-so-pretty its a shame to put sheets on it. But there you go, hopefully we’ll sleep better.

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