Big D

Damir and I are off tomorrow for this girl’s wedding:

Awwwww yeah. If I know this girl, and I think I do, this will be a wedding like none other. Pictures to follow.

My Peeps

I found them: My People.

Fellow fans of the Boston Red Sox living here in New York City. Ahhhhh… sanity at last.
I met up last night with about 45 fellow fans at a bar in Midtown to watch the Sox spank the Royals.

The nice thing about walking into this kind of environment, one where you know not one soul before arriving, is that you immediately have something to talk about: baseball. That’s a nice icebreaker to have at your finger tips.

The funny thing was that there were a bunch of guys there looking to meet available girls– but all the girls were more interested in watching baseball than getting their groove on. In fact, the ladies who were present were super down to earth, normal, nice ladies. Maybe I’ll actually make a new friend!

So, how’d it go?

Some of you may be aware that when I get super stressed, or have a mission to accomplish, I get a little… um, what’s the word… bitchy. Demanding and unreasonable would also be accurate adjectives. I have a vision how how things should be done, and lord get out of the way if you don’t share that vision.

I know, I am working on it. Really.

Saturday morning was one of those mornings. Damir and I had a lot to accomplish in a relatively short amount of time, coupled with my stress of bringing my parents over to see our abode and meet Damir’s parents for the first time. There were a few not-so-pretty moments on my behalf. But thankfully Damir rocked it out of the park and did the bulk of the dirty work (all the food shopping, prep, and some last minute minor household repairs) so I could have time to shower, get to Oyster Bay to meet my parents, and have some quality time with them before bringing them over.

Have I mentioned lately that I love this guy?

Sadly Damir’s mom had to work unexpectedly, so it was just my parents, Damir’s Dad and a few cousins that live in the neighborhood who were instrumental in keeping the translated conversation going. Damir made an amazing seafood stew and a bevy of tasty appetizers. And there was wine, of which I could not partake, since I was driving the crew back to the boat in Oyster Bay after dinner.

Everyone agreed it was a success. My one and only regret is that I didn’t have the presence of mind to take a picture of everyone. Sad.

The rest of the weekend was relaxed, spent lounging on the boat. I got to have an extra evening with my parents last night since high winds kept them from sailing on to their next stop. I really enjoyed having some one-on-one time with them.

Another Big Weekend!

Well, the parents are coming via boat to Long Island tomorrow… hopefully the weather is better than it is right now. Outside the wind is blowing and the rain is pouring. But this is shaping up to be a BIG WEEKEND.

Why, you ask?

Well, for the first time I am introducing Damir’s family to my dad & step-mom. These are the first members of my family to meet Damir’s clan. This has me tied up into a couple of knots, though I can’t really imagine what could go wrong.

This is also the first time my parents are seeing my home here in Long Island. Its awkward to me since it still doesn’t feel like my home, and very little in our surroundings really represent who I am, or my taste in things. Its odd to feel like a guest inviting even more guests to a home that isn’t theirs. But I know my parents won’t judge these things.

Poor Damir will be doing more or less all the translating, which definitely puts the conversation through a siphon.

I had wanted to get a bunch of folks here, Damir’s parents, some of his cousins that we hang out with a lot, their kids, my folks, all together for a big outdoor picnic, but the weather is shaping up to be crappy and the logistics were just too much to organize. So, we’ll gather here instead.

I am anxious. I would say I don’t know why… but I think I do. This does matter to me, and as much as I want to tell you that this is no big deal, it is. At least to me.


What a weekend!

Saturday I woke up and said, “I CANNOT SHOP FOR ANOTHER DRESS, DAMMIT!”. Seriously, I said that. Maybe not in ALL CAPS. But I said that. And then I remembered that my parents are up in Connecticut, just a 2 hour drive away, preparing their new boat for it’s maiden journey from CT to their home in Chocowinity (or something like that), NC.

I was planning to see them next weekend when they dock in Oyster bay, just on the other side of Long Island from us. But being that I vowed not to shop anymore, I realized I had a completely open weekend. So I jumped in the truck and headed north!

Erin and her hubs, Tom, were also there, so it was almost just like Christmas without the angst of gift giving. Saturday night we had some dinner and just hung out on the boat. All 5 of us slept inside, Dad and Jan in the lower berth cabin; Tom & Erin on the seats that pull out to a double, and me on the seat that pulls out to a single. Other than waking up freezing in the middle of the night, and listening to some inappropriate talk between Erin and Tom (all in jest, of course), it was a good evening.
Sunday was cool but sunny, so after a mothersday breakfast at the local greasy spoon, we took what will soon be labeled Harmony on her maiden voyage under Dad & Jan’s ownership. I am a little concerned about my folks and this boat. I saw my dad bump himself pretty hard twice, even though he is a very experienced boater. He knocked his head once really hard and got a big ole bump on his noggin. He better take it slow.

The first ride was pretty short, but successful. We didn’t break down. Harmony is not a new boat by any means, she is a classic. I think over 20 years old, but a beauty.
Their journey will take them from CT to Oyster Bay, then Cape May, NJ, Delaware (to catch my step-sister’s PhD graduation), MD, VA and several points south before landing at home. It will take a good 3 weeks, I think. I mean, the boat only goes like 7 knots, so it’s a long ride.

This is the week of vistors. Old friend David J. comes to NYC on Tuesday night and we’ll meet up for dinner. Erin and her friend Trisha are in Manhattan for a girls weekend, so I will see them on Friday night. And then of course my parents again in Oyster Bay next Saturday and Sunday.

Damir and I might take advantage of my parent’s proximity next weekend to introduce them to Damir’s family. That ought to create some good stories for you.

Check it

A travel package I designed for the Algonquin Hotel was picked up by USA Today!

The historic Algonquin Hotel offers a “Girls and the City” promotion with two nights’ lodging, tickets for On Location’s Sex and the City tour, plus two seats at the Broadway show Legally Blonde and an appointment with a personal shopper. The package can be customized. Rates typically start at $699 a person, plus tax. Information: 866-406-5341;


The Dress Mess

Finding a dress in a bright color to wear in Ashbloem’s wedding, should be easy, right? Well, for whatever reason for the life of me I cannot find a damn thing I like. And I have tried. OH how I have TRIED. I have been to the following stores in the past 6 weeks on the hunt:

Macys (5 different branches), Lord & Taylor, Bloomingdales, Ann Taylor, Ann Taylor Loft, Cache` (awful!), David’s Bridal, H&M, JC Penny, Jones of NY, Saks, Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, The Limited, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Annie Sez, Dress Barn, Off 5th, all the outlets at Tanger Riverhead and numerous no-name boutiques.

and finally, the Long Island phenomenon that is Estelle’s Dressy Dresses. Where fringe, poof and sequins go to die. See exhibits A, B, C and D:

All I want is a pretty blue dress. Or pink. Or jeeze, even orange. No frillys, no pattern, no glued spangles or ornaments. Just pretty. Why is this so difficult??