What a weekend!

Saturday I woke up and said, “I CANNOT SHOP FOR ANOTHER DRESS, DAMMIT!”. Seriously, I said that. Maybe not in ALL CAPS. But I said that. And then I remembered that my parents are up in Connecticut, just a 2 hour drive away, preparing their new boat for it’s maiden journey from CT to their home in Chocowinity (or something like that), NC.

I was planning to see them next weekend when they dock in Oyster bay, just on the other side of Long Island from us. But being that I vowed not to shop anymore, I realized I had a completely open weekend. So I jumped in the truck and headed north!

Erin and her hubs, Tom, were also there, so it was almost just like Christmas without the angst of gift giving. Saturday night we had some dinner and just hung out on the boat. All 5 of us slept inside, Dad and Jan in the lower berth cabin; Tom & Erin on the seats that pull out to a double, and me on the seat that pulls out to a single. Other than waking up freezing in the middle of the night, and listening to some inappropriate talk between Erin and Tom (all in jest, of course), it was a good evening.
Sunday was cool but sunny, so after a mothersday breakfast at the local greasy spoon, we took what will soon be labeled Harmony on her maiden voyage under Dad & Jan’s ownership. I am a little concerned about my folks and this boat. I saw my dad bump himself pretty hard twice, even though he is a very experienced boater. He knocked his head once really hard and got a big ole bump on his noggin. He better take it slow.

The first ride was pretty short, but successful. We didn’t break down. Harmony is not a new boat by any means, she is a classic. I think over 20 years old, but a beauty.
Their journey will take them from CT to Oyster Bay, then Cape May, NJ, Delaware (to catch my step-sister’s PhD graduation), MD, VA and several points south before landing at home. It will take a good 3 weeks, I think. I mean, the boat only goes like 7 knots, so it’s a long ride.

This is the week of vistors. Old friend David J. comes to NYC on Tuesday night and we’ll meet up for dinner. Erin and her friend Trisha are in Manhattan for a girls weekend, so I will see them on Friday night. And then of course my parents again in Oyster Bay next Saturday and Sunday.

Damir and I might take advantage of my parent’s proximity next weekend to introduce them to Damir’s family. That ought to create some good stories for you.

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