And we are back.

Dallas was so much fun I couldn’t bring myself to blog about it last week:

A) Because I spent last week in a coma of exhaustion, finally getting about 12 hours of much needed sleep this past Friday night.

B) It kind of makes me sad to blog after a much awaited event, because it means that it is really over and in the past.

It was great to stand up with Ms. Ashbloem and Mr. Davey and witness their union. I particularly loved their vows and will have to see if they’d let me plagiarize all or some in the event I ever take that big leap. It was also great fun to see old friends from the Amsterdam days. But what I loved best about their wedding was that it really did represent who they are as two fun people. They only included the traditions that represented them, and the originality of the wedding, from start to finish, made it special.

Damir and I got to enjoy Dallas and had a beautiful room at the Fairmont Hotel. We didn’t do too much tourist stuff, other than visit the Aquarium which we both liked a lot. They had an odd inmate: a leopard. Why is there a leopard in an aquarium? They had him (her?) caged right in front of the flock of flamingos, with just a clear plexiglass of separation. Isn’t that on the same plane of water-boarding?

In the end it was a fun and exhausting trip. Just when we were so happy to escape the heat of Texas, we come home to near 100 degree temps. Thanks for that, Mother Nature. But at least it means it is beach season here on Long Island and that is a happy thing indeed.

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