Much to Share

So, you’ve heard by now… Damir and I got engaged! A week into our engagement I still am not sure it really happened. But it did and we are giddy. This picture was taken just a few moments after… don’t we look giddy?

Let me just say that I love this man. He is so generous and kind hearted. He puts the needs of others above his own. He is smart, funny, and affectionate. We share a vision for our life together, and truly he is my best friend. He listens, he does laundry on occasion, he brings me breakfast in bed. I would say we have faced a number of obstacles that most young couples don’t have to deal with…. so I know very well that we are a strong team that can weather the challenges of life. I am so glad I waited to find him. Old friends tell me all the time that since meeting Damir, I have never seemed happier. They are right.

We aren’t jumping too quickly into wedding planning… I want to enjoy this period for a little bit before stressing myself out with details. I actually am dreading the wedding planning process, mostly because I do so much planning for work that it doesn’t feel like fun anymore.

My ideal wedding goes like this:

1) Wake up in tropical paradise next to my sweetheart
2) Get a private massage on the beach and have a lazy day
3) Put on some lipstick and brush my hair while enjoying a fruity adult beverage
4) Put on pretty frock, grab a flower or two
5) Pledge my love and partnership in front of close friends and family in our tropical paradise setting
6) Enjoy Good food and local music under the stars…maybe a campfire on a beach.
7) Lots of hand holding, smoochies and the pleasure of good company. But most of all: lots of laughter.

That’s it. No frills, no hoo-ha. So, really, the location will be key. Caribbean? Mexico? Florida? I have no idea… but am open to suggestion! Seriously… please send me some suggestions.

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