Civic duty is painful

I feel it only just to watch the Republican convention to balance my democratic tendencies. Though I know which way to vote, it is my duty as an informed voter to at least try to listen to both sides of the microphone. The problem: I can’t stand to hear Republican speeches.

As I type, Fred Thompson is telling us the story, yet again, of McCain’s POW experience. I think he is 5 minutes into the story, which puts him at the point where John refused the pardon to leave the POW camp (GWB told us the same story nary 15 minutes ago). Now we’re hearing about the intense beatings he suffered there. How very painful and awful they were and exactly which limbs were broken. Don’t get me wrong: I am sure they were unbearable. An experience I cannot even imagine. Thompson says, “Being a POW doesn’t qualify you for President, but it does reveal character.” I am sure there are lots of folks out there with perfectly fine character who would still make a terrible President.

But I want to shout to the Republicans, “I GET IT. HE WAS A POW. THAT IS AWFUL. NOW, WHAT ELSE DO YOU HAVE?”

I could go on. In fact, I could write volumes on this frustration. I am getting all in a tizzy about this. This and GWB’s speech where he reminded us again of Sept 11 and how we are still on the brink of another disaster, which through his leadership we narrowly avoided. Yes, give us more politics of fear! In fact, just for kicks why don’t you go back to raising that terrorist threat color bar? CODE ORANGE EVERYONE! Just for fun to get everyone all heated up and remind us of the good old days.

I am turning the channel. I can’t take it.

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