To My Evil Tooth (Part: Are you shitting me?)

Dear Evil Tooth,

You think you’re funny, don’t you.

You think you are hilarious. Well, I am not laughing. Sure, I thought it was the end when I said enough was enough and had you pulled back in September. I said I would if you didn’t stop your shenanigans. And I keep my promises.

But now you must continue to haunt me and cause me further pain and discomfort? You sure have a lot of balls, for an evil tooth.

I don’t know what you did on your way out that caused this damage that had to be repaired. Not that I mind seeing Dr. Hottie McHot again, but still. Making him cut into my tender gums and saw down the jagged edges you left behind was just too much. Now I keep accidentally chewing on my stitches, which hurt like a mother.

Oh, how I hate you.

You may have gotten the best of me this time, but I still have some fight in me yet, toothie-my-dear. You have not heard the last from me.



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When I first saw this image today I thought someone got creative with the Photoshop. NO WAY could this photo be real. What is McCain doing? It looks like he’s going in for a little grab-ass. Or like he just took some expired Nyquil (which would have possibly explained the strangely excessive blinking too).

But, it’s real. I pulled it from Reuters myself.

They explain the moment as such:

Republican presidential nominee Senator John McCain reacts to almost heading the wrong way off the stage after shaking hands with Democratic presidential nominee Senator Barack Obama at the conclusion of the final presidential debate at Hofstra University in Hempstead, October 15, 2008. REUTERS/Jim Bourg

OK….still, he’s an odd little duck.

The Dimishing Light

I am already in a panic in anticipation of November 2nd, when we turn our clocks back, and sun will be set by 4:49pm. Damn, that’s early.

I can’t believe it has taken me this long to figure it out, but I think I have seasonal affective disorder. As soon as the light starts to go, I get so lethargic, crave carbs, and just want to sleep. Oh, and I turn into a werewolf bitch. Well, not really a bitch, I just get very sullen, and tend to withdraw from friends and family. My focus turns inward, picking at all the imperfections in me and my life. And when I get bored of picking at myself, I tend to pick on poor Damir. He is a saint though, and manages it (me) with grace, patience and love.

Looking back, this has been going on for years, and I find it pretty incredible I never picked up on the pattern, or at least took the possibility seriously. The problem is that once I hit that slide, it is really hard for me to bounce back into my happy-go-lucky self once spring arrives. Some years I have been more successful than others. Other years have been…well. Readers who know me in “real life” know what happens.

I think living on Long Island compounds this somewhat. In the summer we have the beautiful beaches, which give us endless days of relaxation and happiness. In the winter we have… the mall? I don’t like to spend too much of my weekend days cooped up at home, but wintertime provides few diversions.

My research says I should sit in front of some kind of light box for like an hour a day. Who has time for that? I see some faux sunlight lamps on sale at, but they seem like a scam. Does anyone have any experience with this? Send advice please.

Politics of Fear

On the train tonight I was happily surfing away on my blackberry, checking my favorite blackberry accessible sites:

– Google Reader to catch up on my favorite blogs,
– a quick visit to Go Fug Yourself or Perez Hilton to keep up on tabloid news,
– The New York Times online for the grown up news,
– Red Sox Online,
– and the Hufffington Post
(you know, it’s kind of a long ride, I have lots of time to surf)

While reading another great piece by Bob Cesca, I suddenly had a horrible vision. That vision was John McCain giving a Presidential acceptance speech.

It was a surprising moment, since up until this point, I never considered he could actually win. And I really don’t think he is going to. But he could.

My immediate reaction was “No.” and “I can’t handle that.”
And, “I wonder how long it will take me to get an EU Passport when D. and I get married.” Not that the EU is some kind of Utopia, especially where D. comes from– the former Yugoslavia. You may have heard that they had some problems there in the 90s. But my experience has been that politics in general mattered to me less when I lived abroad. Maybe that’s because I have known less about the political systems of the other countries I lived in (either due to complication or language barrier) or because I am just less invested emotionally in the outcome when unable to vote locally.

Speaking of voting, I am worried about voting machines. In my mind’s eye I see GOP engineers fiddling with our much too imperfect voting technology. I see hanging chads and Homer Simpson being eaten by his polling station. This could be happening right now.

Strike that– it IS happening right now. Maybe not by evil engineers, but by faulty technology.

I don’t get that. A voting machine has 2 jobs: 1) count accurately 2) don’t let anyone mess with the results. We can’t make a machine to do this correctly? This is scary shit, y’all.

More than one friend of mine has had to sequester themselves from the news because it was penetrating them to a point that was unhealthy. I get that. I am addicted to reading polls and have even let politics into the work place (my boss is a republican, but so far our debates have been level-headed and congenial). But I can’t shut it all out, especially now we are in the home stretch. That would be like being devoted to every episode of a 2 year TV drama and then skipping out on the 4-part finale. I can’t stop now.

This made me laugh and cry. A letter and response from the archives.

May 1997
Fax To: Dad
From: Terra (somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean)
SS Universe Explorer
Re: Another change in plans….

* * *

Dad- Help! I need some advice. I have just received an offer to stay on the ship for 2-4 more months working in the same job but doing Alaska cruises. Pay is $225 per week+ room + board + return flight ticket home after (more than I make now). I can’t decide…Part of me says yes because: 1) would love to see Alaska. 2) since passengers are all adults, it would be a good way to get feedback on my hotel idea (and get support?) 3) good experience. But: 1) I am so tired. 2) Since it would be a “real cruise” I would have to dress up and be much more formal than I have to be now. 3) Since the routes up Alaska are repetitive it could get boring. If I decide yes, I will send you the $$ to cover my bills and insurance. I can’t do another 4 months, but 2 is very tempting. What do you think? I need to respond ASAP, so any feedback would be great. I am so torn! I miss and love you– Terra

May 1997 (same day)
Fax To: Terra
From: Dad
Re: Another change in plans….

* * *

Finally got your fax. My advice – Go for it! I’ll miss not having you home as expected. However, it sounds like a good opportunity. Love, Dad

Settling Back in

I am settling back into life since our easy breezy trip to NC. The fall and winter, especially the weeks leading up to the holidays, are my busiest at work, so I am preparing for a long few months ahead. My job is taking me further away from the actual travel side of our business and more towards web management, design and marketing. I am pretty psyched about this change since it is a totally new area for me to learn.

But, I still love the travel aspect and definitely don’t want to leave it behind completely. I helped a family who came to the city recently– I did their hotel, theatre tickets, sightseeing and dinner arrangements. Upon my return from vacation, I got this letter from the dad:

I hope you had a nice vacation! 
Just wanted to drop you a line and let you
know that we thoroughly enjoyed our trip. 
We did everything we wanted to
get done and then some.  I am convinced that
our experience would not have been as
successful without your help. 
We thank you so much. We'll be back!

That just warms my heart. I have been helping people with their travel plans, in one way or another, for many many years now and I still love knowing I made someone’s vacation (or business meeting or event) easy and memorable. That family will talk for many years to come about their great trip to New York, and knowing I had a part in that really does make all the hard work and bad pay checks worth it.

PS- Biden/Palin starts in 19 minutes. I am ready and waiting!

The Boxes

Our trip to NC was nearly perfect, the only complaint was the mediocre weather. We had been hoping for one last week of summer, but we got an early week of fall. We had the perfect balance of activity, day trips and just lounging around time. It was also really fun hanging out with Dad and Jan.

Highlight for me was getting a chance to visit with my old friend from high school, Colleen, who has settled into a beautiful home near Raleigh with her hubz and 3 beautiful daughters under the age of 5. I hadn’t seen her in 12 years! Oh, and the food. Man, we ate good. Weight watchers was no where in sight, but that’s OK, I have returned committed to getting back on track.

The boxes. Those boxes I put away over 10 years ago with so many miscellaneous treasures. I expected much of the items I rediscovered…The herd of stuffed animals:

…A million maps and memorabilia from when I sailed around the world with Semester at Sea:

…15 photo albums, thousands of negatives and letters galore. I miss the art of the written letter, now replaced by email. Those letters are so precious to me. Thanks to all of you who took time to write me (Steph and my Dad are tied for first place for letter writing–honorable mention to Penny):

…Tons of school stuff like my high school yearbooks and my college graduation cap (I was an Italian major):

But the creme della creme were the Barbies. I had totally forgotten about the Barbies, complete with their awesome 70s outfits, bad home haircuts and even a Barbie wardrobe and kitchen set:

3 of the boxes made it back with us to NY, mostly the photo albums. The Barbies were left to be rediscovered another day.