Settling Back in

I am settling back into life since our easy breezy trip to NC. The fall and winter, especially the weeks leading up to the holidays, are my busiest at work, so I am preparing for a long few months ahead. My job is taking me further away from the actual travel side of our business and more towards web management, design and marketing. I am pretty psyched about this change since it is a totally new area for me to learn.

But, I still love the travel aspect and definitely don’t want to leave it behind completely. I helped a family who came to the city recently– I did their hotel, theatre tickets, sightseeing and dinner arrangements. Upon my return from vacation, I got this letter from the dad:

I hope you had a nice vacation! 
Just wanted to drop you a line and let you
know that we thoroughly enjoyed our trip. 
We did everything we wanted to
get done and then some.  I am convinced that
our experience would not have been as
successful without your help. 
We thank you so much. We'll be back!

That just warms my heart. I have been helping people with their travel plans, in one way or another, for many many years now and I still love knowing I made someone’s vacation (or business meeting or event) easy and memorable. That family will talk for many years to come about their great trip to New York, and knowing I had a part in that really does make all the hard work and bad pay checks worth it.

PS- Biden/Palin starts in 19 minutes. I am ready and waiting!

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