To My Evil Tooth (Part: Are you shitting me?)

Dear Evil Tooth,

You think you’re funny, don’t you.

You think you are hilarious. Well, I am not laughing. Sure, I thought it was the end when I said enough was enough and had you pulled back in September. I said I would if you didn’t stop your shenanigans. And I keep my promises.

But now you must continue to haunt me and cause me further pain and discomfort? You sure have a lot of balls, for an evil tooth.

I don’t know what you did on your way out that caused this damage that had to be repaired. Not that I mind seeing Dr. Hottie McHot again, but still. Making him cut into my tender gums and saw down the jagged edges you left behind was just too much. Now I keep accidentally chewing on my stitches, which hurt like a mother.

Oh, how I hate you.

You may have gotten the best of me this time, but I still have some fight in me yet, toothie-my-dear. You have not heard the last from me.



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