Till Tuesday

I am anxiously counting down the hours until tomorrow.

During a drive to Astoria on Saturday to pick up some things, Damir and I we were taking about the election. All of a sudden I got emotional thinking that someday we will talk to our grandchildren about the events about to happen this week; hopefully we will speak of these events with pride and gratitude rather than fear, sadness or anger. Hopefully.

I remember voting for the first time, in the Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall by the University of Pittsburgh campus in 1992. I was a very green freshman and felt very grown up as I cast my first presidential ballot for Clinton.

In 1996 I voted Clinton again, as well in the Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall. I was about to leave on Semester at Sea, and was excited about all the opportunity that was on my doorstep.

By 2000, Gore vs. Bush, I lived in Amsterdam. I remember filling out the absentee ballot, but don’t remember if I mailed it or not. I had a distinct feeling that my ballot didn’t count unless there was a tie. So I didn’t think too much of it at the time. Silly me. That election night I found myself in Brugge with 2 Republicans: my friend Guy from college, and his friend Johnny. We stayed up nearly all night watching the results. The next morning, as I rode the train back to Amsterdam, sleepy and desperate for news, I couldn’t believe my eyes when Ashbloem texted me that there was no decision didn’t look like there would be one for a long time.

In 2004 I cast a heavy ballot for Kerry. Anything was better than Bush. I would have preferred his wife to have been the candidate, she was far more interesting. I sat at the EF Bar, Lingo, until late watching the miserable results, unbelieving that I could call myself a countryman(woman) of so many people who thought so differently than me.

And now, here we are in 2008. It seems Bush’s reign has been a bleak eternity. I will be devastated if McCain wins, but still glad to see Bush go no matter what. I will be voting at the little firehouse about a half a block from my house. Sadly Damir can’t vote, being a green card holder rather than a citizen, but he will be coming with me for the experience and photo op.

Breaking news: just saw on CNN that Obama’s grandmother died today. Heartbreaking.

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