The Morning After

Good Morning America,indeed!

I woke up this morning feeling as though it was some holiday and I could turn off the alarm and go back to sleep… but No! It is not a holiday, but it is a new day. And I am grateful for it. I became teary after reading the editorial pages of the New York Times, especially this piece, “The Next President”.

My facebook homepage is filled with excited comments and pictures of celebration, save one friend’s page. She was a good friend back in high school and now is very conservative. Her status reads:

[Name Omitted] is heartbroken that so many of her beautiful, compassionate friends made such a grievous mistake… and thankful that God is bigger than all of this.

A grievous mistake… I am tempted to write back in opposition, but know it would do little good. She is as steadfast in her opinions as I am in mine. But I am thankful that this God she speaks of granted us one powerful force: the force of free will. The people had a choice and their choice, not their mistake, is Barack Obama. I am sad for her that she cannot see the greater accomplishment in equal rights, democracy and opportunity– things I am sure her religion supports.

Shake it off… back to good news…

In other news, my mother served as campaign manager for Billy Keyserling in the Beaufort, SC mayoral race. It looks like he won by a slim margin! Whoopee!

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