We didn’t get too many political ads here in the state of NY; we can’t be categorized as being even close to swing. However, tonight I have seen the same McCain ad play over and over showing Reverend Wright footage (during the SNL “Presidential Bash”). This is how McCain is choosing to showcase himself in these final hours. I guess I shouldn’t be surprise at this last desperate attempt.

Till Tuesday

I am anxiously counting down the hours until tomorrow.

During a drive to Astoria on Saturday to pick up some things, Damir and I we were taking about the election. All of a sudden I got emotional thinking that someday we will talk to our grandchildren about the events about to happen this week; hopefully we will speak of these events with pride and gratitude rather than fear, sadness or anger. Hopefully.

I remember voting for the first time, in the Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall by the University of Pittsburgh campus in 1992. I was a very green freshman and felt very grown up as I cast my first presidential ballot for Clinton.

In 1996 I voted Clinton again, as well in the Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall. I was about to leave on Semester at Sea, and was excited about all the opportunity that was on my doorstep.

By 2000, Gore vs. Bush, I lived in Amsterdam. I remember filling out the absentee ballot, but don’t remember if I mailed it or not. I had a distinct feeling that my ballot didn’t count unless there was a tie. So I didn’t think too much of it at the time. Silly me. That election night I found myself in Brugge with 2 Republicans: my friend Guy from college, and his friend Johnny. We stayed up nearly all night watching the results. The next morning, as I rode the train back to Amsterdam, sleepy and desperate for news, I couldn’t believe my eyes when Ashbloem texted me that there was no decision didn’t look like there would be one for a long time.

In 2004 I cast a heavy ballot for Kerry. Anything was better than Bush. I would have preferred his wife to have been the candidate, she was far more interesting. I sat at the EF Bar, Lingo, until late watching the miserable results, unbelieving that I could call myself a countryman(woman) of so many people who thought so differently than me.

And now, here we are in 2008. It seems Bush’s reign has been a bleak eternity. I will be devastated if McCain wins, but still glad to see Bush go no matter what. I will be voting at the little firehouse about a half a block from my house. Sadly Damir can’t vote, being a green card holder rather than a citizen, but he will be coming with me for the experience and photo op.

Breaking news: just saw on CNN that Obama’s grandmother died today. Heartbreaking.