Another year is come

Dear 2008,

All in all, you weren’t a bad year.

In many ways, you were actually better than others. Aren’t you proud? The last few weeks have been a little rough on me, but looking back the good moments were really pretty great. Like when Damir proposed to me. That was awesome.

I didn’t have to change jobs once this year, which makes you clearly better than both 2006 and 2007.

But watch out for 2009 and 2010– I think there are some pretty exciting things down the line. 2009 is getting itself off to a great start by offering up an amazing Mexican Riviera vacation right from the start. Can you compete with that? Not that I didn’t appreciate the week spent in NC with my Dad & Jan, Ashbloem’s wedding in Texas and the various excursions up to Boston. Those were some good times. But a 5-night luxury vacation, my first vacation in years, and my first vacation with my sweetheart, is pretty tough to beat. And of course, the babies. 2009 will mark the arrival of Erin’s two little ones– little in 2008 can compare with the overwhelming joy of welcoming my new niece and nephew.

Sure, you pulled out a pretty amazing election which had me in it’s clutches all year. It certainly wasn’t boring! I weeped with joy on November 4th. But 2009 gets to claim the main event: Inauguration. However, if Obama tanks, or turns out to be just another corrupt Illinois politician, you might look like a winner in retrospect.

On the downside, there were the many many many tooth issues, which still plague me. But, you were redeemed by providing me the opportunity to buy my first new car, along with Damir’s help.

Now that I think about it, looking back through the year, 2008 was pretty great. I laughed a lot, cried a little, worked hard, played harder, got in gear and fell in love again and again with my sweetheart. 2009 would be lucky to do so well.

Happy New Year my friends. I wish you love and luck and lots of laughter.


Reach out and touch someone

When I was a teenager, I talked on the phone for HOURS on end. For my 16th birthday my dad got me my own phone line (what a luxury!) and boy did I rack up the hours. It’s a good thing we didn’t have personal cell phones back then– I would never have been off the phone. It was a regular thing in high school to be on the phone into the wee hours of the night with my friend Chris D, Jamie or Robin. Or all together at once on conference call.

Boy, things have changed.

Now, I rarely talk on the phone just for “fun”, to shoot the shit. Calls are utilitarian– meet me here, where are you, pick up the milk, what are your plans, can you, see you soon, e-mail me. 99.9% of my conversations are now electronic, via e-mail, chat, facebook, and text. Phone calls are rare, and mostly delegated to my family members who are not as electronically connected.

Last night, having a rare evening to myself, I indulged in, not one but TWO lengthy conversations with two far away girlfriends and you know what? If felt good. I was on the phone until close to 3am…when was the last time I did that?? Man, I hadn’t realized how much I missed hearing their voices, exchanging stories, learning from one another. You can’t do that as much in an email or online chat. I missed hearing emotion, and the words, “I miss you, I love you” rarely meant so much to me… especially now during a time when I am feeling a little low.

Early New Year’s Resolution: pick up the phone more and turn off the computer.

Bah. Humbug.

I am having a hard time really getting into the Christmas spirit.

Maybe it’s because we have nary a Christmas decoration in our apartment– not a tree, not an angel, not even a display of the beautiful Christmas cards I have received (though I am so grateful of every one). Decorating the house when you aren’t actually spending Christmas in your own home somehow feels a little strange (leaving for Boston in Christmas Eve). Though I suppose we could have strung some lights to make the place festive. Is it too late? Maybe not.

Maybe it’s because I am super crazy busy at work– our busiest of the year are the weeks leading up to Christmas and New Year’s when tourists descend like termites into New York City, running around eating up all the free space and walking all slowly on the sidewalk blocking fast walkers such as myself. But despite being so busy, I am cutting the hours of my part-time staff because it should be EVEN BUSIER this time of year. l suddenly feel nervous that I might not have a job if things continue as they are. Thinking of traveling to NYC? Boy do I have a deal for you. Hotel prices are a fraction of what they were last year.

Maybe it’s because the shortest day of the year is quickly approaching, December 21st, and the lack of sunlight is really getting to me, despite my happy light on the desk. Maybe I should have considered the prozac this winter. Definitely too late for that.

Maybe it’s because I am dreaming of living in a place where I can invite my friends and family to join us in our home holiday spirit. But that’s not happening anytime soon. Well, not this Christmas anyway.

I don’t know. This year just feels a bit off. Maybe once I get to Boston and join my sister (TWINS TWINS TWINS!) and my Mamma, I will get a flaming shot of holiday joy. Sadly D. isn’t coming with me this year, so we’ll have our own private Christmas on a date to be determined. That’s something to definitely look forward to.

My name is Julius and I am your twin brother.

Julius Benedict: My name is Julius and I am your twin brother.
Vincent Benedict:
Oh, obviously! The moment I sat down I thought I was looking into a mirror.

Exciting breaking news from Interravision! We have been given permission to officially say that we have 2 new potential readers approaching… my gorgeous sister is carrying TWINS. She is due in May, and I cannot wait to be an East Coast Auntie in addition to my duties as West Coast Auntie.

Seeing my beautiful sister, you know the skinny/athletic one, already showing at just over 13 weeks was a killer when I saw her in NC a few weeks back. Man, she is gonna get huge… I love it!

I am already thinking about what fun presents I can shower upon them. Surely these baby toupees will have to be item #1!