Reach out and touch someone

When I was a teenager, I talked on the phone for HOURS on end. For my 16th birthday my dad got me my own phone line (what a luxury!) and boy did I rack up the hours. It’s a good thing we didn’t have personal cell phones back then– I would never have been off the phone. It was a regular thing in high school to be on the phone into the wee hours of the night with my friend Chris D, Jamie or Robin. Or all together at once on conference call.

Boy, things have changed.

Now, I rarely talk on the phone just for “fun”, to shoot the shit. Calls are utilitarian– meet me here, where are you, pick up the milk, what are your plans, can you, see you soon, e-mail me. 99.9% of my conversations are now electronic, via e-mail, chat, facebook, and text. Phone calls are rare, and mostly delegated to my family members who are not as electronically connected.

Last night, having a rare evening to myself, I indulged in, not one but TWO lengthy conversations with two far away girlfriends and you know what? If felt good. I was on the phone until close to 3am…when was the last time I did that?? Man, I hadn’t realized how much I missed hearing their voices, exchanging stories, learning from one another. You can’t do that as much in an email or online chat. I missed hearing emotion, and the words, “I miss you, I love you” rarely meant so much to me… especially now during a time when I am feeling a little low.

Early New Year’s Resolution: pick up the phone more and turn off the computer.

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