Notes from Paradise

Yesterday, my birthday, was perhaps one of the best days of my life. Seriously, I don’t think I can remember a more perfect day.

It started calmly as I sat on our terrace drenched in bright warm morning sun, overlooking the beautiful ocean and resort, reading a book I had been waiting to read for a long time (A Thousand Splendid Suns). Once Damir was roused, we went to breakfast and had everything we wanted right in front of us. Then we were off to the beautiful sugary sanded beach, with a view of the vibrantly blue water, and we sat under a shady palapa. Damir went to play volleyball and I enjoyed the view, my book, and later a cold beer. And then a dip in the beautiful sea.

In the afternoon we made our way for a walk through Playa del Carmen and a beverage at Mosquito Blue. We shopped for souveniors and were glad to have a place so peaceful to return to after the crowded streets of PDC.

I napped.

In the evening I was told to be ready by 10-to-eight. And don’t be late. So at ten-to-eight I was ready per the instructions and left the room with my sweetheart. He led me to the beach, where the walk was lined with candles and torches, to a solitary table for 2 set by the sea, under the stars. We toasted my 35th year with champagne, and an incredible 4-course meal including some of my favorites (lobster!).

I cried, literally cried, at the beauty of the evening. And just didn’t want the night to end. I cried with thanks to be cared for and loved by such an amazing man. I cried that I should be so lucky to deserve any of this.

We returned to the room where rose petals, chocolates (as if I could eat another bite), and more candles led the way. True romance, like you read about in silly books, not something I ever really expected to experience for myself. All followed by a deep sleep, and waking a dawn for a walk on the beach on my own, watching the sun peak over the ocean’s horizon, to give thanks for a new day.

Already, though we have 2 days left to enjoy this wonderful place, I am dreading the trip home. Terrible habit I have– in the moment of enjoyment, fearing its passing too quickly.

Pictures to come.

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