Wedding Woes

Have you ever done so much research on something that you got lost within the results and bored yourself into some kind of catatonic zombie state leaving you unable to make a decision?

Yeah. That’s me right about now.

Let me tell you the places I have researched for a wedding (this might take a while):

Mayan Riviera
Cabo San Lucas
Merida (Mexico)
Key West
Key Largo
St. Thomas
St. John
Turks & Caicos
St. Lucia
Marco Island
Captiva Island
Key Biscayne
Delray Beach
West Palm Beach
Amelia Island
St. Augustine
New Orleans
Outter Banks
San Juan (PR)
Vieques (PR)
Ponce (PR)
Rincon (PR)
Dorado (PR)
Fajardo (PR)
Virginia Beach
Cape Cod
Shelter Island
Block Island
Fire Island
Finger Lakes
Newport, RI
Coastal Connecticut
Chesapeake Bay Area
Portsmouth, NH
Portland, ME
Oh, and of course NYC

Whew. I’ve looked at B&Bs, house rentals, resorts, compounds, hotels, boats, restaurants, reception halls, yacht clubs, golf clubs, museums, galleries, national parks and inns. Nothing yet has grabbed me and said, “PICK ME! THIS is where you are supposed to get married!”

Finally I have enlisted my parents to start looking for me. I can’t take it anymore. Why am I making this so hard? I am about to just get the $25 permit for Central Park and be done with it.

2 thoughts on “Wedding Woes

  1. Maybe not your thing, but your list misses the biggest wedding destination in America.LAS VEGAS!!We had our wedding there after realizing that1) NYC is far to expensive2) 95% of the guest would need to travel anyway3) If done right, it’s not cheesy.We did it at the Bellagio and the price was very reasonable, our guests had fun, and everyone got to enjoy a weekend in Vegas.OTC

  2. Oh No, don’t make me look at another destination…PLEASE! I can’t take it! Seriously, I hadn’t really considered anything out west. Mostly because 90% of our guests will be coming from either the East Coast or Europe– and Las Vegas from Europe is such a big hike. Though my west coast brother would have been delighted for sure! Thanks for the idea!

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