One step forward…but…

Damir and I went down to beautiful Delray Beach, Florida this past weekend to check out potential wedding venues. We were so grateful that my parents could also meet us down there and help lend us some moral support– I am not sure we could have done it without them!

The good news is: we found a place we both really liked! Tropical, unique, interesting, yet close to bars, restaurants, airports and a great beach not too far away. Perfect! We haven’t signed the bottom line yet, so definitely it isn’t a done deal yet. But at least we both could agree that we liked the venue and the location!

Delray Beach is a funky little town that we really enjoyed. Situated between Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach, it has a funny mix of culture and style. Great for people watching! A bevy of restaurants, bars and boutiques to choose from, and a certain old-Florida style that I like. There is a free shuttle bus that goes up and down main street and to the beach. People were all incredibly friendly, and we ate some really great food!

There are, unfortunately, a few logistical problems we have to tackle about the reception space. We need to come to terms with what is realistic, and not throw our budget out the window. Tricky since of course I want everything that I want and it will be tough to scale back and not go into oodles of debt. We have a good chunk of time to plan, but these first big decisions are the most tricky. I can’t wait to get to the fun part of planning!


For some reason I was under the impression that planning a wedding should be a joyous and fun process. After all, I love to plan stuff. And this is supposed to be a happy thing, bring family and friends together in celebration of love and stuff. But this wedding shit sucks. It really really really sucks. At every turn there seems to be a looming obstacle, and I find we are getting farther and farther (or is it further and further? whatever.) away from the original vision. And the cost! Jesus Christ on a triscuit. With each decision made, we have to undo two others.

I am just frustrated with this.

New Friend!

It goes without saying that making friends as an adult, especially in suburban America, is not as easy as one would think. At least that’s the case for me. Since moving here to Long Island, I have made one new good friend, and I consider that quite the accomplishment, especially since we weren’t introduced by other people or some other easy path to aquaintancy (I made that word up). I met Michelle on the commuter train we both take to Manhattan every day around the same time. It was a slow courtship, I didn’t want to scare her off. But now, I think we are on solid friend territory. We do things together like take coooking classes and watch award shows, which surely constitutes a friendship.

For some months Michelle and I have noticed another woman that we think we would like to add to our train friendship. Often we sit near her, and she is always dressed in something fabulous, and can really carry some good accessories. I particularly covet a beautiful ring she has of polished pink quartz set in a chunky silver band. I first noticed her because of that ring and the distinct feeling I wanted to rip it off her finger for myself. You could say it was love at first sight.

There are two rows of chairs in every train car that face each other, perfect for conversation, and often Michelle and I find ourselves sitting across from the fabulous woman. And this past week it happened: we talked to her. Her name is Paulina, she is roughly our age (mid-late 30s), originally from Ecuador, and living on Long Island since she was a teenager. Full of energy and fun to talk to– I think I am on the road to having a second friend here. Sweet! Getting from casual train-appropriate small talk to that first “friend date” is so tenuous, though. I don’t want to just blurt out, heyyouwannahavebrunchwithmethisweekend? In some kind of desperation. She is cool, well traveled, and sophisticated. I gotta time it just right.