House of Turquoise

Soon, Damir and I will be making a few changes within our apartment, which (among other things) includes a new paint job. Wahhooooo! The current dark vanilla on the walls is so depressing. I need bright! I need color! I need BLUE! It has been an interesting time trying to decide what color will grace our bedroom walls, and I think I have decided on some shade of turquoise.

While looking for inspiration, I stumbled across this website, House of Turquoise, and I am absolutely hooked. I would die to live in just about any of these spaces pictured. Here are a few of my favorites:I love this mix of turquoise, black and red. So unexpected! It seems to me that it carries the right mix of feminine and masculine, modern and classic.

I could crawl into this bed and sleep a long and peaceful sleep dreaming of sandy beaches and blue oceans.
Previous living spaces I have had (Amsterdam, for example) featured a lovely yellow and turquoise combination. This sample above is a much more adult (read: expensive) version of that attempt.

Hopefully this weekend we will go out and get some samples. Stay tuned for pictures!

2 thoughts on “House of Turquoise

  1. Great taste, Terra! The movie Mama Mia has GREAT blue/turquoise rooms! Also, we have khaki/steel blue combo in our master and LOVE it! Lastly, check out ralph lauren (paint brand) pistachio. It’s an awesome blue color! XO, Kristin

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