Summer List.

Here is a list of 20 things I would like to do this summer, in no order of importance:

1) Go to the beach– a lot! (if it ever stops raining, that is)
2) Go to 10 new restaurants
3) Some kind of boat activity: kayak, row, intertube, raft, etc.
4) Go fishing!
5) See a game at Fenway Park
6) have at least 3 picnics on our roof (shh, don’t tell! we aren’t supposed to)
7) 3 trips to Boston to see my new niece and nephew
8) Boat through NYC harbor with my parents (not really fair, this is happening on Friday!)
9) Buy fresh produce at one of those stands by the road in rural long island
10) Speaking of rural long island, I want to check out at least 5 of the vineyards
11) Go back to this place for a drink, or even stay the night. So cool!
12) Get on a bike
13) Lounge on the Esplanade
14) Go back to Ellis Island
15) Take another cooking class
16) See Montauk
17) Buy a wedding dress (not really looking forward to that process)
18) Figure out why there are no mini-golf courses in Long Island. Must find one.
19) Roof deck bar visits to the Empire Hotel, the Gansevoort, and maybe that one in LIC I’ve been meaning to try.
20). 2 words: Beer Garden.

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