August already?

Sad. I can’t believe it is already August 1st. I don’t feel like the summer has even begun yet since the weather has been consistantly so terrible. Rain rain rain. Even now as I type this (from my dad’s boat docked in Huntington), I can hear the rain outside. It is really pissing me off. I keep wanting to yell in the mode of Samuel Jackson on Snakes on a Plane: “I’ve had it with this motherfucking rain this motherfucking summer!” (sorry for the profanity, kids).

I have not even accomplished half of my list of things to accomplish this summer.

But tomorrow, while taking advantage of the parental units in town, we are going wedding dress shopping. YAY! Ok, I admit, that YAY is somewhat forced since I am sort of dreading this process. Why, you ask?

1) Wedding dresses are supremely overpriced.
2) I don’t want to deal with any bullshit games where they rip out the tags showing the designer, play silly negotiation games, or over promise and under deliver. Why are alterations so costly if you are having just minor changes made? I don’t get it.
3) I am worried that I will either hate every style, or just hate how every style looks on me in particular.

We’ll see how it goes. I am expecting the worst and praying for the best, so I figure I really can’t lose here. Just hoping for a sunny day tomorrow so I don’t look like a wet cat trying on those dresses.