Open Letter to 2009

Dear 2009,

I am sorry to see you go, since it was a pretty decent year for me. Sure, the country continues to be a mess and I have more than one unemployed friend these days, but selfishly speaking you were good to me, if comparatively uneventful. Maybe even a little boring, but really I can live without any drama for a little while.

We started the year off great with a beautiful trip to the Mayan Riviera. I loved the place we stayed so much I am considering a return visit for our 2010 honeymoon. But we’ll see about that. It was warm, the food was good, and the beach was nothing short of spectacular. Man, I could use a little sun right about now.

In March, Damir and I finally found the place to host our wedding. Woo-hoo! We successfully narrowed a list of over 300 places down to 1. The trip down to FL was short, but successful. In just a week I am heading back down for my 2nd visit, this time with my Mom for some on-site planning. Hopefully I will get a lot done! I learned this year that wedding planning more or less sucks in general. I will be glad to be done with all the details and look forward to an imperfect but wonderful destination wedding.

Work was good. Busy. I got some new projects I am looking forward to taking on.

The highlight for 2009 comes down to a tie: First, becoming an East Coast Auntie to Erin and Tom’s twins has been so amazing! I was lucky to get up to Boston almost every month to see those two cuties. I wish I was just around the corner in my old apartment in Back Bay, but then again, they’d probably pester me to babysit all the time, so it’s just as well (j/k). I can’t wait to see them grow and grow, but love this baby stage a lot! The other highlight has been solidifying friendships with Michelle and Paulina. Having 2 local girlfriends has been a big boost to my LI quality of life. I am starting to feel like LI is more than just a temporary rest-stop and maybe an actual, gasp, home. Life on the home front still isn’t all I want it to be, but I am adapting.

2009, you’ve got a lot of competition in 2010 in terms of being memorable year, but I thank you for being so good to me. Cheers!