Baby Nook: The Final Countdown

The baby nook is slowly coming together. Since we may (or may not) be moving this summer I am not putting too much time and effort into decorating the baby nook, but there are a few things I fell in love with.



I am now just a few days away from the big dance… no, not March Madness. I am due on the 13th so it could be any time now. I am working form home full time since I just didn’t want to risk going into labor in the office (that would bring a whole new value to the company’s core value of ‘Helping Others’).

I am pretty nervous about what lies ahead, this being my first time and all. And not just about the labor, but about all the life adjustments necessary once the little one arrives.  I’ve lived 39 years according to my own set of rules and to have to be accountable as a Mamma will definitely be something new and different! But definitely a challenge I am ready to face.

2 thoughts on “Baby Nook: The Final Countdown

  1. You are going to be a great mamma, and honestly, if childbirth was that bad we wouldn’t all have more kids would we! Life will still be awesome, just in new ways. You will love it, I promise.

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