More Than Words

Welcome to the world Baby B!

For his privacy I won’t be writing out his full name so if he googles himself in 15 years he doesn’t find mamma’s crazy blog posts about him. He was born on April 8th, 6 weeks ago today.

Six weeks! Why have I not written before now? Mostly because so far the experience of new mamma-hood has been bigger than I felt I could put into words. An everything bagel including terror, love, awe, awwww and pure joy. I have taken probably over 500 pictures so far and wake up every day excited about the adventures that wait for us as we get to know one another. I wasn’t sure how I would feel being a mother, since I was never one of those women who felt extreme baby-lust (OMG I HAVE TO HAVE A BABY OR I WILL DIE!). But I will say it has been, so far, better and more enjoyable than I anticipated.

Let me first share with you some of the images from his newborn photo shoot taken when he was a squishy 10-day old.  My sister Erin and I travelled to Queens to Brilianna Photography for the photo session. Irina, the photographer, is an excellent at what she does. Her patience, professionalism and artistry were top notch. She spent nearly 6 hours with us posing B. in sweet positions and encouraging him to be peaceful during the shoot. She welcomed my input but also trusted her creative instinct to get gorgeous images. The studio was warm and cozy and my sister and I were treated to snacks and beverages while we sat in the wings. Irina is just getting her photography business off the ground and I can highly recommend her services. I am certain she has a long and successful career ahead of her! Let there be no doubt – this endorsement comes from the heart not from any special arrangement between me and Irina.

Don’t you just want to eat him up??

We feel we have been blessed with this little baby. By all accounts we have lucked out in terms of how easy he is – lately he has even been sleeping from 10pm to 5am giving mamma a few consecutive great nights of unexpected sleep.  What a miracle!

More Baby B. stories to come!

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