As a man named Jorg was sifting through my things and making me various offers on my belongings, it hit me. I really am leaving. He ended up buying my trashcan of all things, I sold it to him for $10. Now I don’t have a trashcan.

* * *

I am in a state of panic. Not about leaving my apartment or job, but about saying goodbye to people. I usually go out of my way to NOT say goodbye to people, even (to my immense shame) to my friend who passed away last year. I know I will be back, I know I will be here for visits. But its not the same now, is it?

* * *

I am excited about the future. I have applied to such a variety of things to work on. I have decided to study for the NYC Guide Licensing Exam (not easy!). Last night I applied to work at the Metropolitan Museum of Art as a visitor coordinator and as a VP of Ops for a travel company. It’s stunning to me how radically different my choices are. What road lies ahead?

* * *

I have never moved myself, with anything more than a car full of crap. My moves to and from Amsterdam were completely orchestrated by the company. I didn’t pack a thing. Lift a thing. Move a thing. Bliss. I look around my apartment at my stuff and it already feels like I am sitting on someone else’s couch. Last night I was careful not to spill. Where do I get boxes??

Family Fun Weekend


It has been a while since I took out the ole digi cam, and this weekend provided tons of photo ops.

First, and most important, was my sister’s graduation from NESA. I am so proud of her! It was such a great graduation ceremony, with several great speakers. My parents and her boyfriend were there as well to help her celebrate!

Since Dad and Jan were in town for graduation, we planned some fun excursions. On Saturday we went out to Boston’s Harbor Islands. I can’t believe in 4 years I have never been out there! It was so nice… easy, quiet, not crowded. We had a great time taking the ferry to Spectacle Island and Georges Island.

On Sunday we just strolled around town after a leisurely brunch (the stroll followed by a not-s0-leisurely harrowing trip to the airport where Dad and Jan made the flight by the skin of their teeth). The weather was finally perfect, so me and my sweetheart took advantage and get a few photos in by the flowers in the public garden. We’ve been lucky to spend every weekend for the past 2 months together. Lucky… but not easy! I am flying back down Friday night again. I better get cracking on some more Croatian lessons!


Oh my friends. I am sorry to neglect you. It has been a whirlwind of activity and I scarcely can catch my breath. Things sometimes move so fast… yet you feel like each step you take is in slow-motion. Things are good, very good actually. I am happier than I can remember and feel as though I am on top of the world. It’s a complete 180 degree shift from where I stood 6 short months ago.

For a variety of reasons, I can’t disclose the changes that are in this moment being drafted. But there are many, and they will completely rennovate the house of interravision. It is exciting. Stay tuned!!

My parents are high above the earth right now, making their way to Boston to celebrate my sister’s graduation from NESA. I am SO PROUD of her, you can’t even imagine. She took such a risk to follow her heart, she is my inspiration. I feel so lucky that she is my big sister. And my new acupuncturist.

This weekend will be a flutter of activity with Dad & J. in town. Damir is flying in tomorrow night and will meet them for the first time. We’re planning an excursion to the Boston Harbor Islands, I am really excited since I’ve never been before.

More to come…soon!

I will Not Blog About the Weather. Again.

Holy Liberace on a bicycle. I know its soooo boring to blog about the weather. Again. But it’s hot. REALLY HOT. I don’t like hot. I really don’t. BUT at least it isn’t raining, right at this moment anyway.

How boring am I when all I blog about is the weather?

What else? Let’s see. I think I have a few things to tell you.

I was thinking back to something that happened over the winter and thought, “wow, was that really me??” And the more I thought about last winter, and the crazy thoughts that went through my head, the more I am convinced I was taken over ala` John Malkovitch in Being John Malkovitch. I won’t go into details about who I think it was inhabiting my brain, but I can tell you this: it wasn’t me. And she was a little nutty. In a few ways I miss her, but mostly I don’t.

Though in some ways things around me are much more chaos than this past winter, I feel as though I am standing on much more solid ground. That’s good. So many things have changed so much over the past several months… it’s amazing a life can be so different in such a short amount of time. Amazing and really wonderful.

Anyway. I am thinking about moving. Not the wistful, dreamy, kind of thinking of years past. REALLY THINKING. Sitting down, putting numbers to paper kind of thinking. Making plans kind of thinking. And if you couldn’t guess already, it appears that NYC will be my next home. That might sound rash or crazy to some of you. And maybe it is, but strangely it doesn’t feel that way to me. It feels like… the right thing to do. What do I have to lose?

I am not thinking of moving in with my sweetheart, that would be a little too much all at once. Although if he had his way, I would just pack all my stuff, head down there and move right on in to his place tomorrow. But you know, the parents issue is there, which is a bit tricky. So, instead I am thinking about moving within an easy traveling distance that does not require the purchase of a ticket more than a subway ride would cost. I have taken a liking to the area of Long Beach, wouldn’t it be so great to live near/on the ocean and still be within commuting distance to Manhattan? I am going to go look at some apartments soon. Yes, I am that serious about it. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

All I know is this, my heart breaks a little each time he gets on that airplane, or I get on that train, back to our respective states. I want more. I want the mundane of the everyday.

Of Mice and Men and Bears and BBQs

So, I found a mouse dropping this weekend. I am sure that is exactly what you were hoping to see on interravision today, “mice droppings”. Yuck. Eww. And you know… where there are droppings… Luckily (or not, depending) I saw the dropping near the poison bait thingy that my landlord put out. Hopefully that takes care of that and I won’t find any more unwanted house guests anytime soon.

Damir was back in Boston this weekend and thankfully the sun came out in time for us to do some fun day trips. I picked him up on Saturday and we drove up the coast on Rte 1A through Cape Ann to Rockport. It was great driving through all the pretty little coastal towns, and the weather was perfect and sunny.

We met up for dinner with Amanda and David and had a great time talking about how crazy Switzerland is, cross country drives, and Amanda and David’s upcoming move out West. We ended the evening at one of my favorites, Bar 10.

Sunday was a bit of a lazy day watching baseball and strolling around the neighboorhood. We Hung out for a long time in the North End, and had dinner at a great little place called Euno. I splurged on some pasta, but only ate about 1/4 of my plate so hopefully I won’t regret it at tomorrow’s weigh-in. Mmmmm. Pasta. Food-wise I was pretty good the rest of the weekend.

OK, have you heard about Build a Bear? Am I the only one who has never heard of this before? Fantastic idea! Go to this shop, pick out a bear “skin”, watch it get filled with fluff (as much or little as you like), insert a heart (which you make a wish on before the heart goes in), sew it up, and pick out an outfit and a name. OK, I love this. I may be a total goofball, but I love it!

Damir took me on Monday to make my own bear, and you know what? It was silly and yet so very sweet. Yes, I am gushing. I am the proud owner of Medo (that’s montenegrin for bear):

and have him smartly dressed in these overalls:

Thankfully Damir didn’t make me get the Yankees uniform for Medo.

Later on Monday we headed over to casa de Superette for some BBQ delish. This is where my diet was really put to the test! All that gorgeous meat, hotdogs, snacks, and treats. So hard to resist! I had a big salad, some grilled asperagus and grilled zucchini. OK, yes, I snuck in a few potatoe chips and a bit of hotdog– but no bun or relish. And no dessert. I rock. This morning I fit into a pair of pants that I haven’t worn in nearly a year. That’s good news. Worth a few missed cookies for sure.

While at Superette I picked up my order for a hot little cell-phone cleaner and all purpose pouch designed with the cutest little russian nesting dolls. The lovely ladies who bring you the wonderfully Superette have started their own design company: MOGO (Modern Goods from Scratch). The best part is, you can have your own fun items and not have to pick it up in person… They ship!

SHAMELESS PLUG: Please visit and buy something from MOGO! Trust me, you won’t be sorry. And you will be the envy of all of your friends for having cool unique hand-made accessories.

Damir left back to NYC this morning, and I am sad. It’s hard to have all these starts and stops… he’s here and we’re together 24-7 and then he is suddenly gone. I don’t know when we’ll see each other next. Hopefully very soon.

Boston’s Zakim Bridge

I have to say, I love Boston’s newest bridge, the Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge (try to say that one 10 times fast). Did you know it’s the widest cable-stayed bridge in the world, spanning 10 lanes of traffic? It looks pretty cool at night. Learn more here.

(I took these walking to my sister’s in Charlestown over the canals behind the Garden).

Random Beauty…Or the beauty of Randomness

I took four rolls of actual film to be developed yesterday. Yes! You heard me, actual film! Can you believe people still use film?! Yes! It’s true!

What’s funny is that some of the rolls were many years old. So, I found lots of fun and unexpected images. I’ll post a few over the next couple of days…but here are some from last summer…ahhhh, summer….


I like Oysters.
I like oysters a lot.

This is a relatively new favorite of mine. The first time I had oysters was when Frankie was visiting from London and we went out for seafood one night. The waiter brought us a selection of his favorites, and I have been a fan ever since. But only recently, have they become an addiction of some kind. Blame Victor, it’s all his fault.

We went out to the Union Oyster House on Monday and sampled their goods. Suprisingly, they only had 2 kinds. Some from CT and some from VA. They had more complicated names, but I don’t remember now what they were. I was suprised for an “Oyster House” that they were not teeming with all sorts of exotic varieties, but Vic and I settled in at the cozy bar with our shuckers Mike and Dave for a few hours of entertainment, basketball (on TV, Pitt vs. WVU) and oyster-lovin’-goodness.

I won’t lie to you, I kept trying to find a way to incorporate the line “mother shucker” into the conversation. I never found the right opening.

Eventually, dear Mikey let me come behind the bar and take some pictures. He also gave me a “lucky” oyster shell (dutifully cleansed in the dishwasher before being wrapped in tissue and put in a gift bag). I like the photos that came out as a result. Have a look.

[Look how giddy Vic is at his Oyster pile]

Question (for those of you who like raw seafood of any kind): if you could have only sushi OR oysters for the rest of your life, which would you pick?