Letter to the children

Dear Little Ones,

As you grow, the memory of this day will fade, if you were lucky to experience it at all. Maybe you won’t actually remember, but the lasting images on the internet and TV will fill in the gap. I imagine this day is for me is like landing on the moon was for my parents: a momentous occasion, a barrier broken, a reality different on the dawn than the day prior, a hope that the rest of the mission all works out for the best.

We don’t know if he will be great, or even good. But the fact that millions of people came together today to celebrate something different, unites us all. The door is open a little wider, and regardless of your political affiliation, though I hope you grow up to be democrats, this is a very good thing indeed. We need more diversity in our government. We need new voices and fewer career politicians.

If we are lucky, when you get older you will look back on this day and possibly think, what’s the big deal? Hopefully when you are grown, today’s complex attitudes thrown towards race, gender, affiliation, and orientation will seem dim in light of a more advanced outlook. The way I look back at segregation in our not so distant history– a ridiculous, embarrassing and unnecessary movement.

I want to hold the hope of today in the palm of my hand and hang on tight. I am dreading the first, and inevitable, mistake he will make. I fear the apathy, frustration, and anger held close to my heart these last 8 years and wish to let go of them forever. I pray for transparency, peace, intelligence, and equality in this administration. And I pray that once we receive the respect of these values, the American people will never accept anything less.

Today was a great day.

Much love,

The Morning After

Good Morning America,indeed!

I woke up this morning feeling as though it was some holiday and I could turn off the alarm and go back to sleep… but No! It is not a holiday, but it is a new day. And I am grateful for it. I became teary after reading the editorial pages of the New York Times, especially this piece, “The Next President”.

My facebook homepage is filled with excited comments and pictures of celebration, save one friend’s page. She was a good friend back in high school and now is very conservative. Her status reads:

[Name Omitted] is heartbroken that so many of her beautiful, compassionate friends made such a grievous mistake… and thankful that God is bigger than all of this.

A grievous mistake… I am tempted to write back in opposition, but know it would do little good. She is as steadfast in her opinions as I am in mine. But I am thankful that this God she speaks of granted us one powerful force: the force of free will. The people had a choice and their choice, not their mistake, is Barack Obama. I am sad for her that she cannot see the greater accomplishment in equal rights, democracy and opportunity– things I am sure her religion supports.

Shake it off… back to good news…

In other news, my mother served as campaign manager for Billy Keyserling in the Beaufort, SC mayoral race. It looks like he won by a slim margin! Whoopee!

Election Day: 11:00pm

It’s Over!


Glory Glory Hallelujah. And even better, there is virtually no way to contest this win. A clear, solid victory.

I am watching the coverage eager to hear Obama speak, it is sure to be a landmark speech. My God. I really can’t believe it. What a long journey this election has been. He has many huge challenges ahead of him; I just hope he can live up to the great expectations we have placed on his shoulders.

We got you the job, President-Elect Obama, now go and do something great.

Election Day: 10:09 pm

Now watching the Daily Show’s live coverage with Stephen Colbert and John Stewart. My favorite quote of the night, this regarding Obama’s 72% grab of New York:

“The ‘city that never sleeps’ will never support a man who goes to bed at 7:30.”
— Stephen Colbert

Did I mention yet that I have tickets for January 19th Daily Show taping? Yes, that would be the night before Inauguration Day. I am sure we will be in for a good treat.

Election Day: 9:37 pm

Obama has won Ohio and Pennsylvania, and for the first time I am feeling good about this. Very good. God, I hope I didn’t jinx myself by saying this.

Here are a few pictures of my voting experience:

Above, my polling place. Below going in to vote. Had to cover up my Obama T-shirt– that’s a no-no in NY polling stations.

Election Day: 12:12pm

Upon arrival to the office this morning, my GOP boss and I had about a 30 minute discussion about the election, electoral history, and the state of general awareness on issues among the voting population (and lack thereof). Though we differ in our views, our discussions are generally friendly and informative. I was surprised to learn that he spent the greater part of his life as a democrat. Huh. Don’t know what turned him, probably Regan.

My colleague just sent me this article: Rove Predicts Obama Landslide


Almost all of my officemates have voted, 3 for Obama, 1 for Nader and 1 for McCain. 2 others have not voted, and word on the street is that they won’t be voting at all. It takes all I have not to walk into that office and say, “Yo, what’s up with that?”

Election Day: 8:02 am

I decided to wait until after work to vote as I am worried there will be lines that will make me late. Tough decision though– I wanted to be first in line.

I am wearing my faithful Obama T-shirt and jeans on my commute into the city and will change into a suit at the office. In the 3 or 4 months I have been sporting my Obama T-shirt I have received only friendly and encouraging comments…. Until this morning. My choice of shirt was ridiculed by an old lady in the coffee shop, “You’re wearing THAT to work??”

I just looked her square in the eye and said, “Yes mamn.”


We didn’t get too many political ads here in the state of NY; we can’t be categorized as being even close to swing. However, tonight I have seen the same McCain ad play over and over showing Reverend Wright footage (during the SNL “Presidential Bash”). This is how McCain is choosing to showcase himself in these final hours. I guess I shouldn’t be surprise at this last desperate attempt.