Singapore Sling

I got my first interview in a while, thank god because watching my bank account slowly dwindling is definitely stressing me out. I have an interview next week with the Singapore Tourist Board in Manhattan. It isn’t a job offer yet, but getting a call back from one of the 200+ resumes I have sent out is certainly encouraging.

I’ve never been to Singapore, though I have sailed past it. Do you think that will count against me? I hear good things about it from a former co-worker who now lives there and Matthijs who just stopped there on his way home from visiting his sister in Australia. I once went to a presentation by Singapore Airlines while in my former job. It seems like an interesting place.

Also, I have acquired two head hunters this week. One thanks to dear Ashbloem, another I found is specialized in tourism employment. The more I think about it, the more I really feel like I want to stay connected to the travel/tourism industry. I have been checking out every tourist board in NYC looking for jobs this week.

Earlier this week I was watching a little of the Travel Channel and I started to get the itch. Man, I really want to be somewhere, anywhere, new with a guidebook in one hand and a camera in the other exploring quiet foreign corners with Damir. Well, who knows, maybe we’ll find ourselves on a flight to Singapore in the near future. Cross fingers (and toes) that the right thing comes along soon.

Hunting the Head Hunter

OK. I need to find a head hunter.

Yes, yes, some of you have been telling me I need to do this for a while and I am finally giving in. I don’t know exactly why I am so reticent. It just sort of feel like I should be able to do this myself. Why do I need someone to do this for me??

But here is the problem: where do I find one? I don’t want to just look in the yellow pages. Do I sign up for a bunch or just one? HOW DOES IT WORK??

I also need to find health insurance, but I just can’t think about that right now. Its just too tedious.

Every New Begining…

As I was getting ready for work on Wednesday morning, my last day of work, that song came on, Closing Time by Semisonic. It was popular a while back, and I remembered hearing it over and over before moving to Amsterdam. I hadn’t heard it in forever, and it made me stop and smile. Every new begining comes from some other begining’s end…

Since the birth of Interravision I have refrained from discussing, except in general detail, the nitty gritty of my job. There were a couple of reasons for that. First, it’s not all that fun to blog about. Second, knowing that some of my coworkers, and the staff that worked for me were reading along, made it seem inappropriate. It also just didn’t seem professional and I didn’t want to get Dooced.

Now that this particular chapter of my life has come to a close, it is natural to feel inclined to summarize, euologize, and wax poetic about the place that ruled most of the days of my life for the past 9 years. Lord knows there are stories to tell. Some of them are dammed good, if I do say so myself.

But for some reason, I am not ready to do that yet. Maybe I am denial that I find my self rather unemployed (though I prefer to use the term: freelance). Maybe I have too many boxes left to pack and my brain is too crowded with a long to-do list to sit.

Maybe it’s all just not that important. It was just… a job. There will be many others. But man, sometimes that was one crazy place to be.