Wedding Woes

Have you ever done so much research on something that you got lost within the results and bored yourself into some kind of catatonic zombie state leaving you unable to make a decision?

Yeah. That’s me right about now.

Let me tell you the places I have researched for a wedding (this might take a while):

Mayan Riviera
Cabo San Lucas
Merida (Mexico)
Key West
Key Largo
St. Thomas
St. John
Turks & Caicos
St. Lucia
Marco Island
Captiva Island
Key Biscayne
Delray Beach
West Palm Beach
Amelia Island
St. Augustine
New Orleans
Outter Banks
San Juan (PR)
Vieques (PR)
Ponce (PR)
Rincon (PR)
Dorado (PR)
Fajardo (PR)
Virginia Beach
Cape Cod
Shelter Island
Block Island
Fire Island
Finger Lakes
Newport, RI
Coastal Connecticut
Chesapeake Bay Area
Portsmouth, NH
Portland, ME
Oh, and of course NYC

Whew. I’ve looked at B&Bs, house rentals, resorts, compounds, hotels, boats, restaurants, reception halls, yacht clubs, golf clubs, museums, galleries, national parks and inns. Nothing yet has grabbed me and said, “PICK ME! THIS is where you are supposed to get married!”

Finally I have enlisted my parents to start looking for me. I can’t take it anymore. Why am I making this so hard? I am about to just get the $25 permit for Central Park and be done with it.

September is off to quite a start

This month has already proved to be an interesting one.

On the first of the month we bought a new car. It’s so cute! But don’t let it’s cuteness fool you– she has a big engine and lots of zippitydodah. We weren’t planning on getting a car, but the truck more or less died, so we didn’t have much of a choice in the matter. We do lots of driving on day trips and such. Given our living situation, we need to have a car– our ticket to freedom. No bones about it. I am psyched to go from about 12 miles per gallon to about 30. Awesome!


Around the same time we bought the car, we decided to take a week away! The expense of the car ruled out any major vacation plans, so we are going to see my dad and step mom down in North Carolina and then maybe a few days on the Outer Banks. I don’t really care where we go… as long as its away. We leave on the 20th. Yay! And we’re driving the new car down there. I haven’t been on a road trip for a while, so this will be great fun. As long as I am the one driving.

Then of course the saga of the tooth. The evil tooth was demanding a potential 3rd root canal (and being uninsured for Dental, this would run about $1300 between procedures and new crown) so I opted instead just to pull the damn thing for about a third of the cost. Ugh. Still in pain from the procedure with Dr. Hottie McHottie, but glad that it is done with.

I hit my first goal with weight watchers: I lost 10% of my body. TEN PERCENT.

We haven’t done a lick of wedding planning. I am in that stage where more or less everything looks good. Cabo? Awesome! St. John? Beautiful and easy! Florida? Cheap and convenient! The Carolinas? Close to my folks and pretty! New York? No.

But today I read a bit about a wedding in Venice…oooohhhh Venice. Imagining a rented palazzo…rehearsal dinner en masquerade….ceremony on the terrace overlooking the canals…bellinis for everyone…a cheesy gondola ride in a white dress….I love Venice. I think I have been at least 4 times between work and pleasure. But my guess is not many other friends/family would be keen for that choice. Alas. The search continues across the US, Caribbean, Mexico and just about every other corner of the world.

But…Maybe I can convince you?

A little of this, a little of that

It has been a funny time lately. Things have been busier than usual as I have had actual social commitments! *Gasp! Shocking, right?

My sister and her hubs were kind enough to trek down to NYC for a Saturday night to take Damir and I out for a celebratory dinner. It was fantastic! We started with drinks in Bryant park and then up to the Upper East Side for dinner at a cute spot called Vespa. Full and tipsy, we took a long walk back towards Midtown to grab a nightcap at St. Andrews Pub and then called it a night. Damir and I actually ended up staying in the city as well at a sweet little historic hotel (an engagement gift from my company as it turned out), which was a rare and lovely pleasure. The following morning we grabbed some coffee and breakfast sandwiches and had a mini-picnic in Central Park. All too soon they had to get back in the car and head back to Boston… but it meant so much to me that they came. Really.


And then I was invited to a bridal shower! Damir’s cousin is getting married this September and I was kindly invited to his bride’s shower, though I didn’t know anyone other than the bride and the groom’s sister-in-law who I see quite often, out of the 30 or so present ladies. Can you believe this: it was the first bridal shower I ever went to. No joke!

I am not certain about the whole bridal show plus bachlorette concept. Which for me is probably a good thing since all my gal pals are now so dispersed, I doubt I could get more than 5 close friends into a room at the same time. That’s sad. But maybe not THAT sad since I don’t think I am the shower-type. I’d rather do what my sister did: have a big gal-only party with lots of good wine and fruity cocktails.

I suppose if you have attended dozens of showers, when it comes time to yours you might feel entitled. I don’t mean any disrespect to the ladies who love showers. And it isn’t that I had a bad time last Saturday; it was nice to meet new people and everyone was very friendly. It just isn’t for me to be the center of attention opening up present after present while others sit in a circle around me and watched for my reactions; it would make me uncomfortable.

I’d rather open the loot in private.

Just a little funny

So, I really am not even thinking about what kind of wedding I want to have. No, really. I mean it. Serious! OK, maybe just a little. But like you did when you were little and you put a towel on your head and pretended it was a veil. Not with any thought that this is really happening to me. Anyone else do that? Anyone?

As you know, I would love a destination wedding but have no idea where to start (thanks to those who have sent ideas– really, thank you). So, I thought I would innocently check out a forum on the subject of destination weddings. Just to get some good ideas on places that might be a good option from ladies who have walked down the beachy aisle before. I found this site called Best Destination Wedding Forum and thought, Hey! That’s for me! Here is the site for those who care:


I peruse the categories to see where I can get the inside scoop on different venues and the first category that catches my eye is called:

Invitations, STDs, photos & websites

It took me a minute and I thought… Huh. STDs are openly discussed alongside invitations, photos and websites? That seems a little odd. I mean I suppose there are some brides out there that might be concerned about whatever STD they contracted in their pre-wedding days. But maybe now isn’t the time to “come clean” as it was? Especially when going over creative invitations? And is a forum on this topic really necessary?

I had to open the category to get that STD stands for Save The Date.


Oh, grasshopper. There is so much to learn.

Much to Share

So, you’ve heard by now… Damir and I got engaged! A week into our engagement I still am not sure it really happened. But it did and we are giddy. This picture was taken just a few moments after… don’t we look giddy?

Let me just say that I love this man. He is so generous and kind hearted. He puts the needs of others above his own. He is smart, funny, and affectionate. We share a vision for our life together, and truly he is my best friend. He listens, he does laundry on occasion, he brings me breakfast in bed. I would say we have faced a number of obstacles that most young couples don’t have to deal with…. so I know very well that we are a strong team that can weather the challenges of life. I am so glad I waited to find him. Old friends tell me all the time that since meeting Damir, I have never seemed happier. They are right.

We aren’t jumping too quickly into wedding planning… I want to enjoy this period for a little bit before stressing myself out with details. I actually am dreading the wedding planning process, mostly because I do so much planning for work that it doesn’t feel like fun anymore.

My ideal wedding goes like this:

1) Wake up in tropical paradise next to my sweetheart
2) Get a private massage on the beach and have a lazy day
3) Put on some lipstick and brush my hair while enjoying a fruity adult beverage
4) Put on pretty frock, grab a flower or two
5) Pledge my love and partnership in front of close friends and family in our tropical paradise setting
6) Enjoy Good food and local music under the stars…maybe a campfire on a beach.
7) Lots of hand holding, smoochies and the pleasure of good company. But most of all: lots of laughter.

That’s it. No frills, no hoo-ha. So, really, the location will be key. Caribbean? Mexico? Florida? I have no idea… but am open to suggestion! Seriously… please send me some suggestions.